Old Stoic Welsh Cakes

24 March 2017


Henrietta Hensher (Nugent 95) writes about her baking company, Simply Welsh Cakes:

"I was at Stowe from 1993-1995 in Nugent – 2 of the most amazing years.  Since leaving Stowe my career has centred around food.  I was born in to food, having a chef for a Mother it was in my blood and the aroma of delicious cooking and creating fabulous dishes has been a central theme for me throughout my life.  Having done 5 years in London I returned home to Wales in 2005 and since then have run my own food business.  
However, my dream has always been to find a permanent home for my true love – Simply Welsh Cakes a business built on old Welsh recipes that have largely disappeared from baking ovens but are just as delicious today as they were 200 years ago.   Where I live in rural, stunning Carmarthenshire we have access to some of the best ingredients there are and in January of this year I found the perfect home for the business, an old bakery in the vibrant market town of Newcastle Emlyn.  In true Stoic style I am now on the path to opening it and I am currently trying to raising funds to help achieve that goal.  
I have set up a crowdfunding page to achieve the target of £3,500.  Having contacted the Old Stoic office they have very kindly said they will post my project for me – please see the link below which takes you to more information about the shop and all I plan to do there.  I have a very solid business plan in place and have also created some fantastic rewards for the pledges.  Pledges start from £10.  Thank you very much for your time reading this piece and I hope to be able to welcome you to Carmarthenshire and the shop very soon!"