Medical Detection Dogs

15 February 2017


All the fund-raising for Medical Detection Dogs last Spring materialised on 5 December in the form of an adorable black Labrador puppy, called Stowe. Now four months old, Stowe puppy made his debut appearance at the Science Opening on 24 January and was an instant hit with Stoics and parents alike. This bouncy, friendly little bundle is currently undergoing his MDD puppy training, working on his basic obedience skills and enjoying a variety of outings which will build his confidence and teach him that going to public places is fun and enjoyable. Stowe shows lots of promise, his puppy socialiser, Becky, says he is a confident pup, unphased by anything. When he has finished his puppy training, Stowe will be trained at the MDD facility with the intention of becoming a sniffer dog. MDD are currently engaged in ground-breaking research with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to determine whether sniffer dogs can detect malaria in human body odour. Our hope is that our little Stowe puppy will be part of this vital research.

Sheilagh Rawlins, Science Department