GCSE Drama

2 November 2017


On Wednesday 18 October, the 37 GCSE Drama students presented their devised practical pieces for examination. The evening before, they had entertained an audience of fellow Stoics, parents and staff in the Dobinson Studio, who were treated to an eclectic mix of performance styles, covering the umbrella theme of ‘Fast Fashion’. The Stoics’ work juxtaposed western consumerist society with the poverty and hardship faced by sweatshop workers elsewhere. It was excellent to see so many pupils offering design, including lighting designers: Ian Hsu (Chatham), Ed Pickering (Grenville) and Eva Samieva (Stanhope); sound designers Henry Howard (Chatham) and Ollie Seddon (Cobham); and costume designers Toyah Mowat (Nugent) and Stephanie Ross (Stanhope). Standout performances came from Dave Dooley (Grafton), Isobel Hopkins (Lyttelton), Mia Dettori (Nugent), Ruby Redfern (Queen’s), Lula Goldsmith (Stanhope), Emily Banks (Lyttelton) and Lyle O’Brien (Bruce). All the Stoics involved deserve great credit for their mature approach to the work, enthusiasm and dedication at this busy time in their GCSE year.

Lucy Miller, Drama