EPQ Presentations

2 January 2017


On Friday 25 November, the 94 strong EPQ cohort – made up entirely of Upper Sixth Stoics, descended into the School’s State Rooms to set up and present their Extended Project Qualifications (EPQs) and to show off the previous 11 months’ worth of work they had done.
The presentations took the form of a market place fair – with each EPQ pupil being given a table and display board to decorate with posters, pictures and information about their project. Those with even more artistic flair were able to utilise videos, music and physical props to help bring their projects to life.

The pupils were presenting on the planning process that had taken place to enable to them to complete their EPQ, the actual content of their EPQ, and finally, they reflected on the whole process and what skills they had taken from the project as well as critically evaluating their own performance over the past 11 months.

In 40 minute intervals the whole School was invited to attend the presentations, to walk around and ask the Stoics questions and find out in more detail about what they had studied. In addition to this, each EPQ pupil was formally questioned by their supervisor as part of the official procedure.

It was an extremely successful and academically enriching experience for all involved and everyone who came to view the presentations. Stoics, teachers and parents alike were able to walk away from the fair with a greater knowledge in Manuka Honey and its wound healing properties, whether or not NASA deserves to be publically funded, issues of teenage emotion, how to train a horse to a top eventing standard and what it is to be homeless.

The breadth and depth of research carried out by everyone doing the EPQ highlighted perfectly the rich tapestry of skills and interests that exist at Stowe amongst its pupils. I, for one, am already looking forward to next year’s presentations.

Michael Rickner, EPQ Coordinator