Employability Accelerator: Employability in the 'New Normal'

29 June 2020

The here and now is an extraordinarily turbulent time. Research suggests that 24% of the UK work force is at risk, and thinking specifically about the younger generation entering work, statistics show that 29% of final year students have lost the jobs they were offered, and 26% have lost internships. Many people are expecting this to be the toughest time in history to gain employment.

We spotted this reality and quickly acted with the Employability Accelerator Programme. Our programme is designed specifically to ensure you are the most attractive candidate as you navigate the most competitive graduate environment in history. We are passionate about empowering you and equipping you to thrive in the ‘new normal.’ 

Accelerating employability

Our rigorous, two-week Programme is specially designed to support students and give them enhanced employability skills to optimise their life chances, including:

  • Professional coaching. 1:1 and in groups, designed by an ICF Master Coach, equipping you with the fundamental skills that decision makers are looking for.
  • Real-life work experience. Ten Group are the world’s leading Concierge service, you have two weeks to complete and deliver a project for them to utilise for their members – offering you real-life examples and evidence of delivery.
  • A curated online learning platform to ensure you have the tools to accelerate your progression.

Why now?

  1. Get Prepared. The pandemic has made career development more difficult. Our programme is specifically designed to work in a virtual environment. How you use this summer will significantly change your future employability – don’t waste it.
  2. Experience Work. Exposure to real work as early as possible is integral to success. Over a third of recruiters who took part in a Highfliers survey of the graduate market* warned that ‘irrespective of their academic achievements, graduates who have had no previous work experience… have little or no chance of receiving a job offer.’
  3. Motivate. We are passionate about you realising your potential, no matter what. In a time where a Prospects survey** showed ‘66% final year students feel negative about their future careers’ and ‘83% are lacking in motivation,’ we will elevate your enthusiasm and motivation to achieve the future you have always wanted, even in the face of challenging circumstances.



Stowe discount

Programmes run through and beyond summer 2020. Old Stoic, Toby Gauvain (Temple 89), has been able to obtain a £300 discount for those quoting “Stowe” on application. With limited spaces still available for 6 July, do apply now to find our more and confirm your place.


The team are aware that the Employability Accelerator gives advantage for those who are fortunate enough to be able to afford it. Whilst we believe that having our students developed to achieve their best is a good thing in itself for society, we also are delighted to share that for every student who completes the Employability Accelerator, £300 goes to the Spear Programme that supports employability for disadvantaged groups.