Decor A List

23 January 2017


Catherine Cornelissen (Stanhope 13) has launched an online home decor boutique called Decor A List: a carefully curated selection of home decor items for your home where aesthetics and beauty meet comfort and functionality.

Catherine fines products and artworks have all been independently sourced and demonstrate a broad selection of varying styles, tastes and luxury from all over the world. Collaborating with many artists, independent shops and individuals across the globe, she aspires to showcase some of the most incredible and beautiful items to enable customers to create their personal ‘A List’ with items that are unique and completely one of a kind.

Many of the items are made to order and bespoke, so each customer's item will be unique to them. She loves colour, individuality and that little bit of pizazz, connecting customer to supplier with a range of artisan and bespoke products that people simply cannot find in high street stores. What's great about her items is they fit into many different design aesthetics, such as: country, modern, traditional, coastal, rustic, urban; since we cater to a wide range of styles rather than just one.

See her website for inspiration for:

- Designer lamps with pineapple and flamingo motifs (amongst others)
- Italian limited edition design
- Contemporary British sculpture
- Unique luxury cushions inspired by wanderlust
- Bespoke contemporary upholstery on vintage frames
- Modern prints
- Luxury candles
- Vibrant throws
- Vintage Moroccan rugs