Cricket Tour of Cape Town

21 February 2017


Over the February Half term the U14 and U15 cricket teams embarked on a successful tour of Cape Town.

The U14s won two, tied one and lost one and the U15s won four and lost one which is a great result for both teams.

George Hooper (Third Form, Chandos) was the main performer with bat and ball for the U14s and Rhys Noble (Third Form, Chandos), Sam Birch (Third Form, Grenville) and Jack Mercer (Third Form, Grafton) stood out as key players. Holly Phillips (Third Form. Nugent) acquitted herself well throughout the tour and looks set to play with the U14 boys this summer. This all bodes well for the season ahead, especially as there are a couple of boys who couldn’t make the tour who will strengthen the squad even more.

George Holmes (Fourth Form, Grafton) and Louis Newman (Fourth Form, Grafton) were the best batters for the U15s and with the ball, Chipper Shore-Hollingworth (Fourth Form, Chandos) and Ed Broughton (Fourth Form, Cobham) were the main performers. With Tom Youds (Fourth Form, Chandos), Max Flawn-Thomas (Fourth Form, Grafton) and Toby Stocks (Fourth Form, Chandos) reuniting with the team this summer; it looks as though they are in for a great season.

Thank you to Edwin Doran for putting everything together and accommodating any changes, Sean Kraft, the ground handler and all the Stoics. They were a real credit to the School and there were good comments from the opposition staff and host families. A lot of parents came out to support the boys, which was greatly appreciated, and I would also like to thank Phil, Peter, Andy and Michelle for all they did to help the tour run smoothly.

Photos can be seen here and videos of the matches can be seen on the Stowe School Cricket YouTube Channel.

James Knott, Head of Cricket