Careers in Medicine & Sports Medicine

22 June 2020

Dr Mike Rossiter (Cobham 85) presented to 72 potential medics and parents who are considering a medical career. The careers talk was hosted by Mr Tearle from his shed in rural Buckinghamshire.

Mike guided students through the reasons he wanted to be a medical doctor, his time at Medical School, as a junior doctor, working with Team GB, as a GP and working on specialist research to help revive sports such as rugby after the COVID19 crisis.

Stoics asked a range of questions from technical questions such as: “When at university or during your first few years as a junior doctor, what support is provided to help you make a decision on the area of Medicine to specialise?”. To opinion-based questions such as: “What are your thoughts on the privatisation of the NHS?” and career-based questions such as: “What pressures fall on a team doctor at the top level of sport?”.

For the answers to these, and many more questions, please watch the interview with Dr Rossiter here.

Dr Gordon West – Deputy Head Sixth Form