American Swifts at Sunningdale 2017

14 September 2017


The American Swifts Exchange Programme was inaugurated at Stowe when Blair Academy, New Jersey, first brought a team of budding golfers to compete against Stowe in 1968. This remarkable initiative has expanded to include schools from across America and Great Britain, but Stowe still holds the record of the highest number of participants from a single school.  Following a hiatus period, I have restored Stowe’s historic link with this initiative and on Friday 30 June we took a mixed team of Stoics and Old Stoics to compete against the travelling USA Swifts team at Sunningdale Golf Club.  Our team was led by Captain Olly Clarke and featured Pierse Odell, James Watkins, Lochie Shillington, Max Smith and Tom Riley.  The Old Stoics were represented by Stewart McNair (who went on the American Swifts Tour in 1969), Haydn Brooks (who also went on the American Swifts Tour whilst at Stowe), Stephen Wilcox, Simon Chilton and Peter Comber.  The whole day was an incredible stroll down memory lane and although we were defeated, much enjoyment and camaraderie was had by all.  Following the golf, our American visitors resided at Stowe and played the iconic Stowe Golf Course prior to their departure.
With golf at Stowe now beginning to thrive, I very much hope to be able to nominate a Stoic to represent the British Swifts team in the coming years.  Special thanks must go to the Old Stoic Golf Society for showing such generous support and to Peter Comber – without all of your hard work the event would not have taken place.
Please click here to see more photos from the event.
 Mr. Andrew Hancox, PGA Golf Professional & Head of Golf