A Life in Medicine

9 March 2017


Sisters Emily Woodhead (Nugent, 16) and Sophie Woodhead (Nugent 13) returned to Stowe on Tuesday 28 February to give current Stoics an insight in to studying medicine. Emily is in her first year of a medical degree at UCL and Sophie, having studied medicine at Cambridge, is now in London doing her clinical practise.

Their passion for medicine was evident throughout and it was a wonderful opportunity for Stoics to hear about what it entails from two Old Stoics who are currently in the process of studying to qualify as doctors. With tales from the dissecting room and stories of what it is like to be a medical student, Emily and Sophie gave an inside view of the demands and rewards of working towards such a valuable vocation.

In the questions that followed their presentation, they helped Stoics understand what it takes to be a successful applicant and gave valuable tips on applying, especially the need for extensive medical work experience.

Thanks to the generosity of the Woodhead family, a Biomedical Prize for Research and Work Experience has been set up to give Lower Sixth  Form Stoics an extra incentive to get as much experience as possible to help support medical and biomedical applications to competitive  universities. Emily and Sophie have also put themselves forward to help mentor any Stoics who want to apply for medicine. We are very grateful for the invaluable support they are giving to current Stoics.

James Tearle, Head of Science