Sixth Form Scholarship Entry Form

Sport Roxburgh (with Sport Assessment) and Music Scholarship Entry Day - Friday 11 November 2016
Academic, Roxburgh (without Sport Assessment) and Art Scholarship Entry Day - Saturday 12 November 2016
Deadline for Receipt of Applications - Friday 14 October 2016



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Please read carefully the Scholarship and Bursaries booklet which describes the Scholarships available with our specific entry criteria for each award.
When we receive this completed form we will seek a report from the candidate's school, notifying them of the candidate's application for a Stowe Scholarship and asking for any information relevant to the Scholarship considerations.

Academic Scholarship

Please note: successful Academic Scholars would normally be expeccted to gain mostly A*s or the points equivalent in all their subjects at GCSE.

Art Scholarship

Please note: candidates will be required to bring with them a portfolio of recent work for assessment. This should contain a broad selection of work in whichever field of Art has been studied. Two-dimensional work need not be mounted. Photographs or slides of three-dimensional work are preferred. Particular attention will be paid to good objective drawing.

Music Scholarship

Please note: as a guide we would expect a good Music Scholar to be studying at the equivalent of Grade Six or above on one instrument and be of a good standard on a second instrument or voice. We place great emphasis on a candidate's ability to be an active, enthusiastic and dedicated member of the Department. Instruments which are rare (e.g. Bassoon, Double Bass, Viola) may attract a scholarship at a slightly lower level of attainment. The Music School offers free consultation lessons for Scholarship candidates. Please contact Sarah Searle to arrange a consultation lesson. NB all other Scholarship application issues should be directed to the Admissions Office.

Candidates will have an audition on the Entry Day and should bring their instruments with them.
Instruments and grades passed, with marks and dates

Sports Scholarship

Please note: Scholarships are awarded for exceptional candidates showing outstanding potential in at least one of Stowe's key sports: hockey, lacrosse or tennis for girls and rugby, hockey or cricket for boys. Candidates must be playing County or Divisional/Regional level in one or more of our key sports. Whilst not a key sport, girls with expertise in netball in addition to one of our key sports will be considered seriously.

The Entry Day will include a fitness test and a sports assesment.
References must be provided from two people who have coached the candidate.

Candidates must also submit a CV with this Application Form. This should include
  • The level at which their offered sport is being played
  • Details of achievements, honours, captaincy, tours undertaken etc.
  • Sporting aspirations
  • A statement on why they feel they should be awarded a Sports Scholarship
Please include a forthcoming fixture list for the key sport if possible. A member of staff from our Sports Department may wish to attend one of the fixtures if it can be accommodated within their timetable.

You can upload the references, CV and Fixture list below:

Roxburgh Scholarship

Please note: in addition to strong academic potential, successful Roxburgh Scholarship candidates would normally be expected to gain mostly As with a minimum of four A*s, or the points equivalent, at GCSE. Candidates must also display excellence in at least one of the following - Sport, Music, Art or Drama which will be assessed at Stowe during the interview at Stowe on the Entry Day. Sports other that our key sports can be used to support a Roxburgh Scholarship (e.g. Golf, Netball, Fencing etc.).

Candidates are also required to submit a portfolio which should include details of their intrests and achievements. Testimonials or references should also be provided. Candidates should bring their portfolio with them on the Entry Day,

If you require any further advice regarding your Scholarship application, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Tel 01280 818323 / 818205 / 818409 or email Admissions 


Please ensure you also complete the Sixth Form Entry Day Enrolment Form.

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