Change 100 Ambassadors

Change 100 must be relevant to all our pupils. It is important that Stoics live and learn in a community of pupils from a wide range of experience and backgrounds, and all should be conscious of the privilege of a Stowe education. Our team of Ambassadors are self-nominated and are predominantly not receiving financial support themselves.

Their role is to ensure Change 100 is understood throughout the School and to provide a visible beacon of support, so that those receiving bursaries know that they are welcomed and an integral part of the School community.

Our Ambassadors help to organise events, run Change 100 Day and represent Stowe at seminars and gatherings with our charitable partners. 

We asked our Ambassadors on their views of the mission and why they wanted to be a part of Change 100:

"During my time as an Ambassador, Change 100 has undergone huge growth. When I joined the Ambassadors programme in September  2020, Change 100 was a scheme that few staff or pupils knew about, and certainly it didn’t have the impact that we see today.

A key part of growing its in-School presence were initiatives such as Change 100 Day and the Colour Run, something that I feel very privileged to have been able to play a part in. Today, Change 100 is clearly having an impact on its recipients, but crucially also the wider community at Stowe. Staff and Stoics alike are able to palpably feel its  benefit and recognise its importance to the School.

As an Ambassador, I have especially enjoyed undertaking visits to partner organisations such as EYLA, an organisation which helps to  motivate, encourage and prepare underprivileged children to apply and thrive in top private schools.

Being part of Change 100 has truly unlocked a passion in me to want to improve educational opportunities for others, and in the future, I would  love to go into a career in education policy or consultancy. As I reflect back  over my nearly five years at Stowe, being a Founding Change 100  Ambassador has been one of the most fulfilling things that I have done  during my time here, and I feel very grateful to have been a part of it."

"Having been a Change 100 Ambassador for five years, it has been incredible watching this life-changing initiative grow and foster new opportunities for  pupils like me, from different backgrounds. As a bursary recipient myself, it has been great to support a movement that broadens less-privileged  children’s futures, as mine has been during my time at Stowe. I look forward to seeing where the Change 100 scheme will go in the future."

"Being a Change 100 Ambassador has been so incredibly fulfilling for me and one of the best decisions I’ve made during my time at Stowe. As an Ambassador, I have been fortunate enough to give my time twice at Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy to talk to future bursary pupils with immense potential. I was also fortunate enough to go to the House of  Commons to meet many people that have kindly donated to Change 100 and felt blessed to be able to thank them for their continued support in such a grand location."

"The Change 100 Ambassadors represent a broad cross section of the School where Sixth Formers through to Third Formers all work together to ensure that Change 100 is recognised and understood throughout the School. For me, the most important aspect of the role is the tie or the badge that we wear and what it represents.

At Stowe we want everyone to know that Change 100 is at the heart of  what it is to be a Stoic and that it is a mission that is warmly supported  throughout the School. This is why wearing that tie or pin with pride is  important. Hopefully, seeing the logo repeatedly when walking around the school serves as a reminder of what we stand for.

There are now 61 Change 100 Ambassadors, and we all regularly wear our ties and pins – as do many of the staff. This creates a subtle, but important message of inclusion and projects to those who have anonymity that we are by their side. It is a tie I wear with immense pride."

From an Ambassador and Beneficiary

"When I started at Stowe at the beginning of Fourth Form, I was quite nervous being at a new school, especially since Stowe is so prestigious and exclusive. My first few days were spent almost solely wandering around not knowing where to go, however with the support of my Houseparent and fellow Walpudlians, I quickly learnt the layout and day-to-day routines of Stowe.

My experience at Stowe has been full of enjoyment. This is largely due to the variety of different activities that I have been able to undertake, such as the high-quality drama, sport and music facilities that are available every single day. Living for the first time in a boarding house was a completely new experience for me, as I have never lived away from home before. Living with other boys has meant that I have been able to make close friends quickly and has helped me to start preparing for life after Stowe.

The generosity of Change 100 has allowed me to meet people I never would have met, take classes I never would have taken and to form bonds that will  last a lifetime. Stowe has given me a lot, and I hope that in the future I can give back to Stowe and the wider community."

"Change 100 enables everyone in the Stowe community to benefit. Not only does it bring us together through fundraising and the Colour Run, the Change 100 pupils bring fresh talent and diverse perspectives through their lived experience, which can be intertwined amongst all members of the School.

So much of our education is in the interactions that we have, and ensuring diversity in Houses and friendships further broadens us all. By  fostering inclusivity, the programme creates a ripple effect of positive change that extends way beyond its initial impact. Valuing the contributions of all individuals allows for a more enriched learning, crucial to all Stoic Change Makers."

94% of Stoics support the programme:

"I think it's a brilliant and necessary scheme. It makes Stowe a better place, providing the school with talent that it may not receive otherwise."

"I am on a bursary myself and believe that this opportunity has created a completely different pathway for me in the future."

"I think it is very important to give people the chance to enhance their talent and give them the facilities and confidence to flourish."

"It allows kids who are less fortunate but have incredible potential to come to this amazing school."

"The generosity of Change 100 ...

...has allowed me to meet people I never would have met, take classes I never would have taken and to form bonds that will
last a lifetime.”

Stowe is a wonderful School; it’s such a warm and open environment and one which nurtures great friendships throughout year groups. The  increasing diversity of the School allows us to interact with so many different cultures and broadens our understanding of the world outside of Stowe.

Being a Change 100 Ambassador means a lot to me, as I am delighted to represent this powerful programme, which helps talented children access the incredible opportunity of a Stowe education. It is very empowering to know that we are sharing these amazing resources more widely.