Change 100 Alumni

Change 100 launched in March 2020, with the first nine recipients joining us in September 2021. Of that first cohort, five were Sixth Formers and have now headed off to the universities of their choice after spending two years at Stowe. They all proved to be exceptional students.

We can all be proud of the opportunities and success that Change 100 has provided these talented and deserving children. Thank you for sharing the privilege of a Stowe education with them.


Vivianna, having received full marks and the top mark in the country for her Art coursework, also excelled in Maths and Physics and has gone on to study Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough University.


One of our Alumni is heading to Durham to study Politics after receiving A*, A, B in their A-Levels.


One Stoic gained straight As and is studying Economics at Exeter.


Tina competed in Dallas, Texas in the Finals for the World School's Robotics Championships and is now studying Cybersecurity in the Netherlands.


Kiara, who thrived on the Hockey pitches and left with two A*/A equivalents and a C in Poitics, aspires to be the Director of Marketing for the Olympics. She left Stowe with confidence and an ambitionwhich would have been a dream for her when she first arrived at Stowe two years previously.