Change 100 is having a profound and positive impact on the lives of deserving children, tomorrow's Change Makers. You, and everyone in the Stowe Community, can be proud of our collective achievements so far.

Change 100 is our most successful fundraising campaign ever at Stowe. You, the community, have contributed the most money, including the most donors, in the shortest amount of time . We have raised £20 million in donations and pledges in just four years. You really are changing lives for the better.

Figures correct as of June 2024

Whilst demonstrating our commitment to inclusion and accessibility, Change 100 brings with it a great responsibility to do our best for the recipients of these bursaries. This is why we have appointed Jan de Gale, formerly Stowe's CCF Contingent Commander, and Jenny Tompkins as Leadership Coaches. They both walk with our Change 100 pupils throughout their Stowe journey, as a 'guide by the side'. 

Jan de Gale, Change 100 Leadership Coach

"It is a privilege to support our Change 100 pupils in my capacity as the Change 100 Leadership Coach, across all levels of life at Stowe; from academia to sport; co-curricular to pastoral; personal to social well-being, from day one, until they launch from Stowe.

Each pupil is unique and requires different levels of support, across the myriad areas and stages in the Stowe educational journey. I am their champion, lioness, mentor and advocate, empowering and enabling them to achieve their own goals, in their own way. We work together to ensure that the life-changing opportunity of a Stowe education is maximised and that they use their time here to unlock their fullest potential. It is an honour to assist them as they chart their own course and blossom. Change 100 really is making the world of difference."