Change 100

Colour fun for Change 100

7 July 2021

Friday 2 July marked the first ever Change 100 Day. One word to describe it would definitely be, colourful!

The day started with everyone donning a white Change 100 T-Shirt and talks in a brightly decorated Chapel from Ray Lewis, Founder of Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy and Marilyn Okoro (Lyttelton 02), Olympic Bronze Medallist and Mental Health campaigner.

Change 100 Stoic Ambassadors led the talks and had some great questions for the speakers including; how many bursaries do you think it would take to make a difference? Ray’s answer, “just one, one is enough to change a life”. When asked if Change 100 can change society, Marilyn quoted an African proverb, which sums up the wider vision for the mission perfectly; “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

The next part of the day had the potential to end in chaos. 500 Stoics and staff gathered on the South Front under the watchful eye of a drone, which captured all of the mayhem. On Mr Floyds say so, everyone flocked to their intended positions and the result can be seen here.

The finale of the day was the much-anticipated Colour Run. Setting off in year group waves, Stoics ran the 2.5km route through five different colour stations manned by teachers, ready to get their own back after a full-on year. The photos speak for themselves but it is safe to say that everyone had fun and went to the Village Fete, organised by Fran Shah, with a smile on their face and covered in a multitude of colour.

For more photos, click here.