Change 100

A Message from Marilyn

1 February 2022

I believe that everyone has a superpower – sometimes even more than one. Mine are speed and determination and coming to Stowe helped me deepen those dual strengths and become a medal-winning Olympian. But there are so many deserving children who need help to unlock their full potential and set their sights on extraordinary goals.

The world is full of children with natural talent, but they do not always get the nurturing support or resources that they deserve. Stowe is well placed to provide this for those whose circumstances might otherwise conspire to work against their innate ability. Change 100 not only hopes to raise the funds needed to give a Stowe education to many deserving children in the future, but is also committed to seeking them out, whether with bus stop adverts in Wembley, where I grew up, or partnerships with schools, youth clubs, charities and outreach groups across the country.

No one can say that supporting talent that might otherwise be overlooked by society is not a worthwhile goal in itself. But Change 100 is also an ambition that unites us as a community, gives us confidence in the future of education and fosters an immense pride in us all that we are Stoics and that Stowe is different and special – a cultivator for independent thinkers, mould breakers and Change Makers whatever their background and wherever they come from.

I am so proud to be an ambassador for Change 100 and excited that The Stowe Group has embarked on this amazing mission.

Marilyn Okoro (Lyttelton 02)
Olympic Bronze Medallist