Sixth Form Enrolment Form - 2021 Entry

Entry Dates and Deadlines
Examinations and Interviews for Academic, Berry and Roxburgh Scholars will be held on Thursday 5 and Saturday 7 November 2020. All other applications—there will be no entrance examinations. 

Deadline for Receipt of Applications - Friday 2 October 2020

Candidate Details


Please provide a copy of your passport with this application form.

Please note: Prior to the Entry Day we will write to the Candidate’s school for a confidential reference. Parents should note that completion of this form gives us permission to write to your child’s current school.

Current Subjects Studied

Provisional A Level Choices

Please list three

Career Aspirations

Entry Day Papers / Interviews

Candidates will sit two one-hour papers, please select two papers from list the below. It is expected that the choices will relate to eventual A Level subjects. Where English Literature is not one of the candidate’s exam papers, there will also be an English examination. Overseas candidates will take two papers from the list below and an EAL examination. Please note that Foreign Nationals cannot take a paper in their native language. English Literature Mathematics Biology Chemistry Physics French Spanish German History Geography Religious Studies Latin Sport Science Social Science (recommended for those considering Business/Politics/Economics)

If sitting at your own school, or the British Council, exams must be taken as close to 7 November as possible. Please provide the name and email address of the person invigilating your examinations.
If you are an overseas candidate, you must provide your UKiset, CAT4 or GL Assessment results before submitting an application. Typically we expect candidates to be at or working towards CEFR (Common European Framework Reference) Level C1.

Please note: the CAS for Tier 4 applicants will be generate three months before joining Stowe.

Art, Design, Drama or Music 

If you are intending to study Art, Design, Drama or Music, please tick the relevant box/boxes below. Art, Design and Drama candidates will be expected to submit a small portfolio by Friday 30 October outlining their work to date. Drama candidates will also be expected to prepare and perform an audition piece to be submitted digitally. Music audition pieces should be no longer than 5 minutes and you will be assessed remotely. All candidates will also be interviewed by the Head of Department.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Details for each of our Scholarships are given in the ‘Sixth Form Entry 2021’ information booklet. 

If not, please contact and we will send a form.