The university destinations of Stoics in 2020 can be seen here.

Higher Education after Stowe

 At Stowe we recognise the value and benefits of tertiary education and actively encourage pupils to apply for courses that suit their abilities, interests and career ambitions. We believe that the best applications are those in which the pupils themselves invest the most thought, consideration and effort, and consequently Stoics are expected to assume responsibility of this process themselves. While the School offers extensive and expert assistance, Stoics take the initiative in researching courses and destinations and are expected to prepare their applications diligently and conscientiously.

During the Lower Sixth, Stoics are strongly encouraged to formulate and develop their ideas for further education. Over the Summer Term and summer holidays, these ideas should evolve into firm preferences for particular courses and institutions and pupils should return for the Upper Sixth with a good idea of what they would like to study and where they would want to go.

Pupils are guided through the application process by their Tutors. The Tutor has the best overview of a pupil’s academic and intellectual capacity and is ideally placed to dispense advice drawn from their experience and information from subject teachers and other staff members at Stowe.

The internet is the first port of call for research and the Stowe Virtual Learning Environment has links and tips for negotiating both the application process and the vast amounts of information online. Pupils can also use Fast Tomato, a powerful advisory application that is introduced at the start of their Stowe journey and that will guide them through the process of selecting GCSEs, A Levels, university courses and even careers.

Pupils are encouraged to visit universities and are allowed two trips in term time during the Lower Sixth. University Open Days are widely promoted and Stoics are strongly advised to make as much use of these as possible, ideally during the holidays. When pupils cannot get to the universities, we bring universities to the pupils and the School regularly hosts external speakers from specific universities, university umbrella groups and independent advisory groups.

Universities in the UK

Most pupils will apply to university through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), a process that starts in the Summer Term of the Lower Sixth. The UCAS form is the principal means by which universities select students and so it is critical that applications are prepared with meticulous care. We expect that most pupils will return from the holidays between Lower and Upper Sixth with their UCAS applications well underway and with a provisional personal statement in place.

While the formal deadline is in January, the School encourages pupils to submit their application before Half Term in the Michaelmas Term. There is nothing to be gained from dragging the process out and there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that some universities look kindly on earlier applications. Any university using interviews will generally call students towards the end of the Michaelmas Term and Stoics will start to receive responses from their selected institutions about the same time. Any Stoic required to attend an interview can expect personalised assistance from their Tutor and the applications team; the School may also make use of external consultants in this field from time to time but there is more than sufficient in-house experience and expertise. For full details of the application process, see the UCAS website.

Stowe also provides assistance to those wishing to apply to non-UCAS institutions and courses, such as Art and Drama colleges. Tutors and Careers Advisors can give further information.

Universities outside the UK

Every year the number of Stoics applying to universities abroad increases and the School has a wealth of resources to offer here as well. Stoics have gone on to study all over the world including the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, South Africa and New Zealand. The United States is a perennial favourite and our resident Harvard Fellow, and teacher in charge of international university applications, is on hand to advise anyone making a US application; we also offer specific preparation for SATs with the help of Greene’s Tutorial College, Oxford.

The Head of Sixth Form directs all matters related to further education.

Head of Sixth Form: Paul Floyd
Deputy Head of Sixth Form & Head of Careers: Dr Gordon West
Head of Oxbridge Admissions: Jon Murnane
Careers & Overseas Admissions Advisor: Luciane Guntner-Jones 


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