Staff Directory

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Name Department Position Phone
Mr Matthew Burch Games Coaching, Geography, Grafton House Teacher of Geography, Under Housemaster 01280 838275 Details
Dr Ben Burgess Medical Centre Doctor Details
Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent Governing Body NoRCo Details
Bridget Burnet Details
Mrs Lorraine Campbell Geography Teacher 01280 818275 Details
Mrs Shona Cannon Stanhope House Stanhope Matron 01280 818122 Details
Mrs Carolyn Capella Lyttelton House, Medical Centre, Temple House Nurse, House Nurse Lyttelton & Temple 01280 818210 Details
Liz Capurro PSHE Academic Administration and Exams Manager, Acting Head of PSHE 01280 818340 Details
Mr David Carr Governing Body FinCo Details
Mrs Sharon Carter Skills Development, Stanhope House Head of Skills Development, Fifth Form Tutor 01280 818150 Details