Mr Roland Johnson

Position: West Houseparent
Department: Chemistry, West House
Qualifications: BSc Bristol, MA Durham

Contact Information:
Telephone: 01280 818415, 01280 818283, 07825 788244

Life before Stowe

Before Stowe, I worked at Concord College in Shropshire, also teaching Chemistry.

What do you enjoy most about your subject?

As a Biochemist, my favourite area is Organic Chemistry. I very much enjoy the practical side of Chemistry and getting the pupils excited about going on to study Chemistry or related subjects to a higher level.

What do you enjoy most about Stowe?

I enjoy the community atmosphere at Stowe. I am involved in a Boarding House and also sport, which allows me to get to know students in different contexts. Knowing students on a number of levels helps me to know how they like to learn and what their approach to school life is like.

What is your favourite Lesson?

My favourite lesson is making green slimy polymers for the GCSE syllabus in the Fourth Form. Using a mixture of relatively common chemicals, the Fourth Form produce a semi-solid polymer which many interesting properties. It gives the GCSE students a real "hands-on" experience of how simple Chemistry can produce radically different materials.

What do others say about you?

I hope the Stoics recognise that I like to help out as much as possible. Because I Iive on site, I'm generally around when it comes to extra help and clinics. I think most of my students know I'm crazy about squash.

Other hats

I am Houseparent for West.


My main hobby is playing squash. I also enjoy foreign languages. I am fluent in Italian, and I love travelling to Italy.

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