Mr Martin Quinn

Position: Teacher, Fourth Form Tutor, Under Housemaster
Department: Design & Technology, Grafton House
Qualifications: BSc Westminster

Contact Information:
Telephone: 01280 818132

Life before Stowe

I studied Architecture at University of Westminster, with the idea of becoming an Architect. Following university, I worked in Belfast for five years with a firm of Architects, working on a variety of projects throughout Britain and Europe. I had always toyed with the notion of teaching, and in 2010 I decided it was time to pursue that career path. After my training placements, I eventually gained employment at a state school in Northampton, and after my NQT year I was appointed Head of Department and a member of the Teaching and Learning team which assisted in helping the school come out of ‘Special Measures’. Both Paramount and Universal Pictures are currently in discussions for the rights to the movie!

What do you enjoy most about your subject?

I enjoy the practicality of Design and Technology, and seeing students take pride in their work. To witness a project from conception to completion is reminiscent of the ways in industry, and as selfish as it sounds, immensely rewarding.

What do you enjoy most about Stowe?

The grounds here at Stowe are particularly enjoyable, and I don’t even feel like I have scratched the surface when it comes to exploring around me. What I most enjoy though are the Stoics, they are what makes working at Stowe enjoyable.

What is your favourite Lesson?

It’s difficult to choose. The making element in Fifth Form Graphic Products is a nice lesson, as students are bringing together all of the processes and learning that they have acquired over the time they have been here, and similarly in the A2 practical lessons.

What do others say about you?

I’d like to think my colleagues say I’m hard working, honest and a team player, whilst I would like my students to say that I am an approachable teacher who manages to get the best out of them. What they actually say may not be eligible for print. 

Other hats

Here at Stowe, I coach the Senior Fourth XV along with the Yearlings D Team. As well as being a student of Architecture, I like to think I’m up to most challenges. Outside of school I played Gaelic Football for Northampton up until recently and also present a radio show in Northampton form time to time. A little known fact is that I was once voted Ireland’s Second Funniest Man 2008, something I barely mention now. I was once on Anne Robinson’s Weakest Link, and recently raised over £2,000 for Cancer Research when I took part in a charity boxing match. I came a notable second.


My wife and I purchased a Victorian property in a Northampton village, and we are in the process of renovating and improving it. I like to do most of the work myself, and so between that and travelling (travelling the world, as well as bright lights of Northampton) my hands are full. I do like to follow the Irish Rugby team, and football team, and will be paying close attention to the European Championships in the summer… as the recent Six Nations made me realise rugby isn’t really that important anyway!

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