Ms Marian Gallick

Position: Nugent Matron
Department: Nugent House

Contact Information:
Telephone: 01280 818312

Marian Gallick joined Nugent House as Matron in January 2011. Marian has four children: James, Laura, Susannah and Edward. James lives in Philadelphia and Marian is a frequent visitor to the United States. Marian previously worked as Headmaster's Secretary/School Administrator at Kingsland Grange Prep School in Shrewsbury for 18 years as well as being a Foster Carer for two years. She is keen to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the girls to achieve socially as well as academically. As Matron, Marian has an ‘open door’ policy to encourage the girls to feel they can talk to her at any time. She has been keen to support the girls when performing in School productions or taking part in sports events. Marian loves to cook and will, quite often, be found with a tray of cakes en route to the House kitchen.

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