Mrs Katie Dunkley

Position: Bank Nurse
Department: Medical Centre
Qualifications: RN, RGN

Contact Information:
Telephone: 01280 818210
Email: medical@stowe.co.uk

Life before Stowe

I started my nursing adventure at Northampton General Hospital in 2000 joining the A&E Department. Just in case that wasn't exciting enough I also joined the Queen Alexandra's Medical Nursing Corp, Territorial Army and was commissioned after completing officers training at Royal Academy Sandhurst.

I left Northampton to spend four months with Raleigh International as an expedition medic in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. On my return I moved to London and started working in an East London A&E Department that provided me with lots of new challenges and a base to return to after scratching a 'travel itch' on more than one occasion.

I was deployed to Kuwait and Iraq during the second Gulf war with 202 Field Hospital, in A&E of course. Being deployed with the TA was one of the highlights of my nursing career and something I feel very proud to have been a part of.

On returning to London I started a diploma in tropical nursing which led me to join Medicines Sans Frontier for a six month placement in remote area of western Indonesia, post Tsunami. All of my foreign travels have challenged me both personally and professionally and have certainly been experiences that have molded me into the person I am today. I returned to London and started working as a practice nurse but still kept up my skills in A&E.

After starting a family we returned to Northampton where I am now part of the medical team at Stowe, though I still keep my skills up to date in A&E.

What do you like about Nursing?

Nursing has given me so many opportunities to work, travel, meet amazing people and, most importantly, help people. I feel very lucky to have chosen such a rewarding career. There is always so much to learn within nursing and always truly inspiring people to learn from. 

What do you like about Stowe?

In the short period that I have been working at Stowe I have felt very welcomed and supported by both the medical team and the School staff. Stowe holds new exciting challenges for me as a nurse and I look forward to meeting them head on as I have always done throughout my career.


I am a very busy and active mum of two children who enjoys nothing more than getting on with things. Whether it's foraging or knitting, chickens or Crossfit, meditation or clay pigeon shooting ... I'm always doing something and it's usually outside with my family.

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