Mrs Juliette Martin

Position: Bank Nurse
Department: Medical Centre
Qualifications: RN (Adult) RN (Child)

Contact Information:
Telephone: 01280 818210
Email: medical@stowe.co.uk

Life before Stowe

After qualifying as an SRN in 1981 I took my qualifications abroad to work in Southern Africa where I gained valuable experience running an orthopaedic/ENT ward. I then later worked on a neurological surgical intensive care unit. I returned home only to gain my qualification in paediatric nursing before working abroad again this time in Australasia and the Middle East.
Between various jobs and traveling abroad, one of my major achievements was to drive a Land Rover 35,500 miles across Africa seeing many sites and experience numerous hospital settings. A number of years later I took time out to raise my six children (all girls!) before returning to practice.
For the past twelve years have enjoyed being an IMPS trainer, delivering a health education programme to ten and eleven year olds in accident/injury prevention and basic life support in a hospital setting alongside other nursing roles.
I have now been at Stowe as a bank nurse for two years whilst working as an oncology/ chemotherapy nurse. As well as this I also run a dog sitting business from my home in Buckinghamshire.
Why Nursing?
It has never really occurred to me to do anything else (except maybe veterinary nursing) but nurse. I have always enjoyed working with people but my forte Is children and young adults. Children’s nursing is a real challenge which I find hugely rewarding and great fun as I feel I can strongly relate to them (…I guess I just don’t want to grow up!).
Why Stowe?
Whilst I do enjoy my part time job as an oncology nurse, being able to break away and work with my colleagues and pupils at Stowe is a refreshing duty, particularly as I have been able to form bonds with members here. The area itself has always been a beautiful part of the countryside which I have enjoyed in my own time prior to joining the team, and continues to be a pleasurable setting which I can now call ‘The Work Place’…. say no more.
Life outside Stowe
Whilst a lot of my time is spent with my girls, two of which are still at school, I enjoy walking Jacko and Louis my dogs and taking care of a number of animals at home: ponies , goats, cats, chickens and ducks !! So never a dull moment!
Wildlife is an absolute love of mine along with my passion for travel and it won’t be long before the back pack is ‘resurrected ‘and I’m off to some far flung place for a year or so, until then I shall continue to enjoy meeting with friends, dancing, laughing and having fun.

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