Major Jan de Gale

Position: CCF Contingent Commander
Department: Games Coaching

Contact Information:
Telephone: 01280 818279
Email: jdegale@stowe.co.uk

I served 13 colourful and enjoyable years in the Regular Army as an officer with the Royal Logistic Corps.  Much of that time was spent in the training environment, both at Pirbright Army Training Regiment, training soldier recruits and then at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, training the British Army’s officer cadets.

This affords plenty of experience to draw upon for those CCF cadets who wish to pursue a career in the Forces, but as important to me is really developing character and leadership traits of those who have no desire to pursue a career in the Forces.

I thoroughly enjoy working with our young Stoic cadets and encourage, motivate and inspire  them to make the most of the many, varied, CCF opportunities, there for the taking, in order to develop their personal leadership and teamwork skills and build up a little grit and resilience for the pitfalls life’s journey will inevitably throw at them.

Recently returning from taking a group of CCF cadets to Bangladesh to visit Cadet Colleges and the Rohingya Refugee camp, I am keen to promote an awareness of the privileges we (myself included) take for granted and how we might be able to help make lives a little better for others.

I am married to Bob, an ex- Army Air Corps pilot, who has swapped flying helicopters for Boeing A320’s with BA. I have 2 active teenage boys, a wilful, but pretty, Labrador and a lazy, fat cat.

Three boys in my family keep me on my toes, with the latest venture being to climb Kilimanjaro, in the rainy season, before ‘the parents get too old!’

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