Fran Shah

Position: Teacher of History and Politics
Department: History, Politics
Qualifications: BA East Anglia

Contact Information:
Telephone: 01280 818402, 01280 818458

Life before Stowe

Prior to beginning at Stowe, I have worked as a secondary school History teacher in  a state comprehensive school, and also as a Head of History at a school in Wellingborough.

What do you enjoy most about your subject?

I love the fact that the subject is so broad and there are endless topics to find out more about. I have a particular passion for modern history, and find it fascinating that it is possible to draw parallels between recent historical events and the present day. In terms of my politics teaching, I thoroughly enjoy the fact that there are so many changes taking place currently which provide perfect examples to use in the classroom.

What do you enjoy most about Stowe?

Stowe has so many fantastic opportunities and is committed to ensuring that all students develop their character not only academically, but also in a well rounded sense. The school is also a fantastic community, and I have found that all students and staff are incredibly supportive and thoughtful.

What is your favourite lesson?

I really enjoy supporting students in developing their academic writing and researching skills. It is brilliant to see the progress they can make and the outstanding work which can be produced. I also love lessons where I can incorporate music into the lesson - 1960s British history provides some great opportunities here!

What do others say about you?

Usually that I'm very dedicated and organised, and keen to support others in any way I can.


I am a very keen amateur cyclist and often enjoy going on long cycle rides. I am also a keen kickboxer, and have currently achieved my blue belt in the sport. Alongside this I am a keen baker when I find the time, and will often make cakes or biscuits for colleagues and friends.

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