Mr Dominic Blackmore-Beales

Position: Teacher of Psychology
Department: Science

Contact Information:
Telephone: 01280 818216

Life before Stowe

I went to Bangor University in North Wales, where I was awarded an MSci in psychology, working mainly in cognitive and perception psychology. Outside of academics I began hockey aged 14 and played four seasons for my local club Devizes and when I moved to Bangor I played for the University side, whilst coaching some of the men’s teams and all of the ladies’ teams during my time, also attaining my umpiring and coaching qualifications in the process, I then came directly to Stowe!

What do you enjoy most about your subject? 

Coaching hockey is simply great all around, it allows you to see a different side to pupils which teachers may not, and a different environment for people to develop and learn. The sport when played at its best can be simply amazing, and aiming to get pupils as close as they can to their best ability is what motivates me.

What do you enjoy most about Stowe? 

Since joining I can’t stop being distracted by the great surroundings, enjoying the wonderful sports facilities and the incredibly welcoming staff.

What is your favourite lesson? 

Of course it has to be hockey, but academically I love psychology, history and religious studies.

What do others say about you? 

Enthusiastic, sometimes dry, but always happy and looking to help!

Other hats at Stowe 

Hopefully in the future I can put my psychology know-how to some good use with the introduction of the AS psychology elective this year! 


Hockey in particular but most sports I am happy to be involved in or watch, I also have interest in some academic areas as mentioned,  and am sometimes considered to have too much knowledge of film, tv and comic book nerdiness. 

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