Mr Christopher Tate

Position: International, SSF, NoRCo and Chair of Marketing and Admissions Committee, ExCo
Department: Governing Body
Qualifications: BA MIMC

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After attending Stowe and Bristol University (BA Hons. History 1975), Christopher wrote speeches in the Conservative Party Headquarters before joining an international commodity trading group, living and working in USA and Spain until 1982. He then joined David McDonough (OS, Cobham 1971) in setting up a public affairs and marketing consultancy, which business was sold to the Lowe Bell group in 1991. Christopher has since worked in sports marketing, sports television and the motorsports industry, both in the USA and UK, where he has co-founded Rockingham Motor Speedway, commentated for Sky Sports and TWI, been a director of Lola Cars and CEO Europe for Elan Motorsports Technology Inc., founded the Masters Racing Series and been Managing Director of Donington Park circuit. A management consultant by training, Christopher is also a director of several engineering companies, a Coachmaker Liveryman, and lives in Warwickshire. His late father John left Stowe in 1940, and his son Alexander was Head of Temple in 2002. As a Governor since 2002, his interests focus on marketing and admissions, and on international development.

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