Mrs Carole Dore

Position: Teacher
Department: Drama
Qualifications: BA Westfield, London

Contact Information:
Telephone: 01280 818422

Life before Stowe

In the early years of my career I juggled acting commitments, on stage and radio, with teaching. I taught in a variety of state school settings and have come to Stowe from years at a girls’ selective grammar school. There, I enjoyed being Head of Department, teacher of PSHE and General Studies and a Head of Year.

What do you enjoy most about your subject?

Drama really is about everything! You have to have a good awareness of yourself as well as the world around you. It is a privilege to begin on a creative journey exploring lots of different twists and turns, and see young adults emerge able to express themselves successfully and convey this to others. 

What is your favourite Lesson?

My favourite area of study is Theatre of the Absurd – it seems to reflect something about the modern human condition. The best lesson is when the words on the page take on another life through physical exploration of them. Helping pupils unlock this process is very rewarding.  

What do others say about you?

They might say I am “firm but fair” – I don’t mince my words and feel it is always important to be truthful to oneself.


Besides being a theatre addict! I love films of any kind, and sometimes even embrace a bit of song and dance! I am a keen dancer (at the moment rediscovering Tap dancing again!), and I love to relax gigging locally in a Ukulele Band where I play and sing.

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