Mr Andrew Arnold

Position: Teacher of Maths, Chatham House Tutor
Department: Maths
Qualifications: MEng Mechanical Engineering

Contact Information:
Telephone: 01280 818287

Life before Stowe

I have gathered experience across a number of careers before finally coming to my senses, realising that the best times I had were in Maths lessons at school so why not make a living of them. In the interim I dipped into careers as a Captain in the Royal Engineers, Well Engineer in the North Sea and Omani Desert and Compliance Analyst for Shell Trading & Supply. I am married to Bex and we have 2 young practitioners in sleep denial: Max was born in July 2018; Jack in June 2021.

What do you enjoy most about your subject?

Maths, to me, feels like bringing a bag full of exciting tricks onto the board and watching how they all piece together. A bit like solving a ninja sudoku when the numbers work out perfectly.

What do you enjoy most about Stowe?

The dynamism in my days; teaching Maths one minute, supporting CCF the next, then one-to-one clinics or sport, all the while surrounded by fantastic people in an outstanding environment.

What is your favourite Lesson?

Watching the pennies drop when we do anything relating graphs to equations is particularly satisfying.

What do others say about you?

Tall, ginger Northern Irishman is often the description.

Other hats

Sixth-form tutor in Chatham House and aspiring HouseParent.


My family come first and foremost. Thereafter, I love competing in endurance events, particularly longer distance triathlons and especially once they're finished. Otherwise, I have a YouTube channel which I'm enjoying improving, albeit very slowly.

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