Dr Alice Insley

Position: History of Art, Under House Mistress West
Department: History of Art, West House
Qualifications: BA Newnham College, Cambridge MA Manchester, PhD Nottingham

Contact Information:
Telephone: 01280 818143/818032
Email: ainsley@stowe.co.uk

What do you enjoy most about your subject?

I love thinking about and trying to understand all the different threads that meet within an artwork - from the material it is made from to the person who commissioned it; where it has been exhibited and displayed; the reception it received and much more. To me artworks offer an insight into different times, cultures, places and people.
What do you enjoy most about Stowe?

The people - it is great getting to know the students whether that be in the classroom or through the many activities on offer and working alongside all the members of staff that ensure the school keeps running!
What is your favourite lesson?

It's hard to pick just one favourite but I'm particularly interested in British art of the 18th and exhibition and museum history so I can't help but draw that in to my lessons every now and then.
What do others say about you?

A total geek when it comes to history of art and a little ditzy!
Other hats

You can also find me down at the Lake helping with rowing.

I love exploring new places and travelling, but closer to home I try to squeeze in baking and painting or pottery when I can.

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