The Sprague Stowe Harvard Fellowship

We are delighted to invite applications for the 2024/25 ‘Sprague Stowe Harvard Fellowship’ and warmly encourage those students from Harvard who may be interested to read the information below and click on the link to apply:


The objective of the Sprague Stowe Harvard Fellowship is to encourage, through the sharing of intellectual and cultural experiences in the context of secondary school life, a better understanding between England and America.

This Fellowship offers an opportunity for an American student from Harvard to spend a school year (early September to mid-July) as a full member of the community in one of England's finest Preparatory Schools for pupils ages 11-18.

The duties, which can be adjusted to suit the interests of the Fellow and the requirements of the School, will normally involve:

1. Part-time teaching of math or physics, as well as in American literature, history or current affairs;

2. Coaching of crew or other sports (such as soccer, rugby, running, tennis, mountaineering), or leading of other groups, such as the drama society;

3. A share of the supervisory duties carried out by staff in Boarding Houses or elsewhere and help with student activities;

4. Occasional talks to interested groups on American current affairs and American college life.

5. The Fellow will usually be asked to take on the academic and pastoral care of a small tutorial group of pupils.


At the time of application candidates must be graduating Harvard College seniors or within two years of graduation. 


The School will provide accommodation during the school year and a car will be made available to provide them with some independence and an opportunity to explore the UK during School breaks. In addition, there will be a small financial stipend. The Fellow may hold concurrently other awards to assist in travel but may not engage in other paid employment during school terms. The Fellow will have the normal School holidays of approximately four weeks at Christmas and four weeks at Easter, as well as half-term holidays as well.

Selection Criteria:

Candidates will be selected based on their potential to contribute meaningfully to School life, including both academic and extra-curricular pursuits. The ambassadorial function is important, as it is hoped that the Fellow will stimulate an understanding of the USA.

Finding out more:

This year, because of an exceptionally strong candidate field last year, we are fortunate to have two Stowe Harvard Fellows: Felix Bulwa and Vanesa Perea. Now half-way through their time at Stowe, both Felix and Vanesa would be delighted to provide insight into their role and answer any specific questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out to them on and

To apply:

Click on the link below to submit your application. Applications need to be received by Thursday 29th February at the latest.

Within your application, you will need to provide the following:

  1. A Completed application form.
  2. Current Resume, including an indication of significant activities, achievements and experiences in college that demonstrate your interests and potential achievements (please do not exceed one page).
  3. A copy of your unofficial transcript from
  4. Your proposal, addressed “To the Head”, which explains your reasons for seeking this fellowship, your qualifications for taking it up and how you would contribute to the School community – in 750 words or less.
  5. Two letters of Recommendation, addressed “To the Sprague Stowe Harvard Fellowship Selection Committee”; at least one letter should be from a House Master, Resident Dean, or House Tutor. Taken together, both letters should give the committee a balanced and multi-faceted perspective on you. Both should comment on how you might contribute to the community at your school.


To apply now, please download the application form for this job here and return it by the closing date, along with all additional documents to We look forward to receiving your application.