Ickle Owl is lost!

Can you help Ickle find the way home?WL

Ickle Owl is an AR Experience only playable at the National Trust Gardens at Stowe.

Stowe School has created an interactive augmented reality (AR) nature trail which is being hosted by the National Trust at Stowe Landscape Gardens this Summer, launching on Sunday 26 May and running until the end of the end of the holidays. 

This is a free family friendly activity aimed at children aged 3-10 years (but all ages are welcome), encouraging them to explore the famous landscape gardens and learn more about our native British wildlife!

The trail starts at the New Inn at Stowe National Trust. Visitors will be given a paddle and using the Ickle Owl App downloaded on their phones, they will be able to generate an interactive 3D baby little owl which they carry around the trail. At different points on the 1-hour trail, visitors will interact with five other AR animals.

Coming to Google Play soon. Click here to install the Android App manually.

For information on how to visit click here.