Lost Treasures revisited – Stowe and the Antiques Roadshow

11 November 2015


We continue our look back at the Lost Treasures of Stowe campaign. 

2015 Update: The Antiques Roadshow aired in the autumn of 2012. The programme helped to highlight our campaign to locate items which were part of the Stowe collection. It also helped us welcome record numbers of visitors to Stowe House that year. 

26 June 2012

Hopefully lots of long-lost Stowe treasures will come to light during the course of the day. 

Last year a pair of carved ivory letter racks from China and believed to have been sold from Stowe in 1848 were seen at the Roadshow and later sold at Sotheby’s for £22,500.

The owner revealed to the valuer a sticker on the back of one the racks with the word ‘Stowe’ written on it. Together with the story of how her family came to own these items and a likely description in the 1848 auction catalogue from Stowe, a Duke of Buckingham & Chandos/Stowe provenance was formed. 

Not sure if your antique is from Stowe, but think it might be? We’d be happy to help. Using a collection of auction catalogues, inventories and period photographs, we are well equipped to do some digging and may even be able to tell you on the day that you do indeed own a little piece of Stowe history.