Restoration Intern Parlour Room Pretences

21 August 2015

The Parlour Rooms at New Inn have been brought back to life with authentic Georgian furnishings and fashioned to resemble their former functioning lives.

The restoration of New Inn, which involved much historical and archaeological investigation unearthed (literally) interesting suggestions as to how each room was used. The Laundry, it transpired, was originally a brewhouse. Excavations in the courtyard during restoration led to the discovery of a brick-lined bottle well built for catching rain water. This indicated its later function as a laundry room.

In the Tap Room, many coins were found under the floorboards, which suggest that payments were made here. Archaeologists also found evidence of a money drop box built into the wall - the innkeeper probably feared theft in such an isolated location. As the heart of Inn, where food, ales and spirits were all sold, the innkeeper also kept his office. The bay window makes it perfect for spying on staff and watching guests arrive.

As one of England’s first tourist hotels, the Parlour Rooms allow a peek back into the past at the very beginnings of a new, and now very large, sector of industry.