Restoration Intern Our chapter ends and another begins

31 August 2015

The story of Stowe is a never-ending page-turner of a period-drama-cum-gangster-action-type genre that never fails to delight. From the Duke and his snowballing spending habits, to the School’s heroic rescue mission, each chapter holds a freshness that the previous couldn’t predict.

Our time here comes to an end and this part of the story dies a death on the brink of a new and exciting period of Stowe’s life. The new Welcome and Discovery Centre hearkens the arrival of many more visitors at the ducal palace doors. What Stowe has never failed, and will always continue, to do, is inspire and impress. I am already looking forward to hearing who Stowe will enthuse to do what in the coming years. For sure, it will be here, within this magical, other-worldly island of history and prestige that great things come to pass in ceaseless patterns of swirling gold leaf and dreamy damask.