Restoration Intern Let Me Entertain You

22 July 2015

Guests spilling onto the steps, drinks spilling onto the (restored) stone… Last night, Stowe was full of voices, laughter and a far-from-authentic pulsing bass music, which reverberated through the Saloon and onto the portico. July 16th brought the annual summertime corporate away- day for the Boden Clothing group back to Stowe, a fully catered event complete with dodgems, bouncy castles and disco.

The National Trust, Stowe House Preservation Trust and Stowe School not only restore beauty, but also function and purpose.

Stowe House and its vast Landscape Gardens were built to entertain. Money was invested in the spectacular, and complicated designs by the best contemporary architects demanded admiration: the effect was awe-inspiring.

Stowe opened its doors yesterday in true Gatsby fashion as it embarked on another festivity-filled era, revived by its trio of owners.