Capability Brown sculpture on display

30 August 2016


Earlier in the summer Jon Edgar, a British sculptor, unveiled an exclusive bust at Stowe House to mark the anniversary of the birth of Lancelot ‘Capability Brown’ and to celebrate his influence on the Britain’s country-house landscapes.

The sculpture is on display in the Discovery Centre at Stowe House throughout the summer and can also be viewed as part of the Open Day to celebrate Capability Brown's 300th birthday on Wednesday 31st August.
The artist said: ‘Capability Brown is long dead and although he is portrayed in several painted works, he never sat for a sculpture’. Jon attempted to work forensically from many secondary sources. This was a challenging process – after piecing together every known portrait of Capability Brown he carried out sessions with members of National Trust to fill in the gaps in his knowledge. Finally he gained help from a Northumberland born man, who has some facial resemblance of Brown to help him complete the portrait.
The gardens of Stowe are an important early Capability Brown landscape and so it seemed the natural place to exhibit the work.
The portrait head will be on display in the Stowe House Discovery Centre throughout the summer. For opening hours and to book tickets to visit the House and see the work visit