A small space full of lavish things

16 March 2016


With the restoration of Fame & Victory ceiling painting in the East Corridor, it’s interesting to look at what the corridor looked like under the 3rd Duke. The beautifully handwritten content inventory from 1871 details every room in the main mansion, including the servants rooms, and is a useful comparison with the 1848 sales catalogue – what remained after the great sale and what was subsequently acquired by the improvised 3rd Duke!

Below is the inventory list for the East Corridor. It’s interesting to look at the photograph of around 1870 and try to spot any items listed – most of them are there, although I can’t see the delightful-sounding ‘crimson Sheep skin mat’!
And remember, this was just a corridor…..

East Corridor
A chased Ormolu lamp with 2 Argand Gas burners on 3 claw feet on Scagliola pillar marble capitol and base on paw feet 6 feet 6 high
2 ground shades and 2 chimnies [sic]
A 3 feet 4 Zebra wood Cabinet the front richly inlaid Marquetrie canted corners mounted ormolu with masks and scrolls the interior with shelves Rosso Antico top 4 feet 6 high
A ditto Cabinet to correspond
A 3 feet Rosewood table with carved Standards and scrolled claws turned and carved Stretcher a thick Sienna marble top 3 feet 2 x 19 inches
A 2 feet 9 richly carved side table with a carved parrot on swing the base carved as tree a moulded wood top
A richly carved Hall table with wreaths and rams heads canted corners 6 carved and gilt fluted legs with a japanned wood tip 7 feet 10
A side table with carved Eagle to correspond with the one with parrot
A 3 feet 4 mahogany Bureau the front flap carved in panels the ends carved in panels 2 slides and 6 drawers in front with carved panels
A 3 feet 4 mahogany 2 tier Whatnot with special turned pillars as fixed on Bureau
A 31 inch Satinwood shaped front table on open standards
A stand with 6 leaves for expanding Dining Table in Library
2 carved Oak high back chairs the backs form Coat of Arms with Lion supports and Coronet
A Marble Bust of Lord Nugent
A square grey marble pedestal for ditto 4 feet high
A Nankin China bowl 17 ½ in high 25 in diameter
4 Oriental bowls with handles 15 in diameter
2 blue and embossed white flower pots & saucers
2 stuffed Paroquets in glazed case
A Parian Bust of the Duke of Wellington
A stuffed Wild Duck
A stuffed Crimson Parrot
A ditto Bird
An Oil Painting in Gilt Frame Gentleman 37 in x 27 in
A ditto Lady 57 in x 48 in
A ditto Ruin by Vander Bank 27 in x 22 in
A Landscape in Gilt frame 29 in x 35 in
A large Water Colour drawing view of the Bay of Naples in black and gilt frame glazed 105 in x 38 in
3 lengths of 6 ½ /4 bordered Brussels Carpet two are 5 yards one is 7 yards
3 lengths of striped Canvas covering to ditto
A crimson Sheep skin mat