Stowe School: Academic Policy 2016-2017

Stowe School is an independent, selective, co-educational 13-18 boarding school with c.795 pupils on the school roll. Most students join the school in Y9 or in Y12. Class sizes are typically 16-22 for GCSE and 10-15 for A Level.
Stowe pupils taking A levels in June 2017 started their Sixth Form studying four A level subjects in order to ensure they would be making informed decisions concerning which subjects and how many to take to completion. After one term they were given the option of dropping a subject and starting an EPQ in lieu. At the end of Year 12 those who had continued with four subjects were again given the option of dropping a subject. Pupils studying four subjects were also able to add an EPQ. Stowe’s 2017 leavers will therefore have a range of qualifications depending on whether they wanted more breadth or depth in their studies, but the majority will have completed three A levels plus either an EPQ or first year sixth-form study of a fourth subject, while a minority will have completed four A levels, with or without an EPQ.
The school has ceased routinely certificating AS levels due to the introduction of linearity, but those who completed first year sixth-form study of a subject still examined in a modular way and then dropped it at the end of Year 12 will certificate their AS modules at the same time as their A Level results to give them an AS.