Stowe School: Academic Policy 2017-2018

Stowe School is an independent, selective, co-educational 13-18 boarding school with just under 800 pupils on the school roll. Most students join the school in Y9 or in Y12. Class sizes are typically 16-22 for GCSE and 10-15 for A Level. At Stowe, we support students by offering either breadth or depth in their studies. Consequently, students applying to university will present a range of qualifications depending on their interests and ability.

Most Stowe pupils will start their Sixth Form following four subjects. At the end of the first term of the Lower Sixth, students are offered the choice of embarking on an EPQ; at the same time they have the chance to drop one subject or continuing with all four. Most students chose to take up an EPQ and concentrate on three subjects to final examination. Students who do stay with four subjects have the option of dropping one on transition to the Upper Sixth. In some exceptional instances we do support students who wish to take more than four subjects to exam.

The school has ceased routinely certificating AS levels. However, any student who completed first year sixth-form study of any of the few remaining modular subject before dropping it at the end of Year 12 will certificate their AS modules at the same time as their A Level results to give them an AS.