Meet the Teachers

Our Meet the Teachers section is currently undergoing a facelift. Please bear with us whilst we finish a few nip and tucks of the teachers' profiles.

In the meantime, if you need to make contact with any members of the academic staff, you can find their details below.
Name Department Email Telephone
Dr Anthony Wallersteiner  Headmaster PA: 818240
Crispin Robinson  Second Master: Deputy to the Headmaster Study: 818344
Peter Last Deputy Head Pastoral, Walpole Housemaster House: 818230, Geography: 818275 
Julie Potter Deputy Head Academic Study: 818423  
Mark Wellington Deputy Head: Senior Master Study: 818289, Design: 818256
Emma Ackroyd  English  English: 818225
Alex Aitken Head of Academic Music Head of Academic Music: 818120
Rory Akam Biology Biology: 818278 
Sally Akam Senior Tutor Study: 818305, Geography: 818275
Ben Andrew Head of Keyboard Head of Keyboard/Accompanist: 818038
Philip Arnold Head of Sport Science and PE Head of Sports Science & PE: 818161
Ellen Atherton Skills Development Skills Development: 818324
Caroline Bagshaw English English: 818169
Charlie Barker Head of Politics Head of Politics: 818402 
Nick Bayley Director of Drama Director of Drama: 818146
David Beniston Economics Economics: 818402
Michael Bevington Head of Classics Head of Classics: 818212
Lucy Brassell Drama Drama: 818422
Colin Bray Head of Philosophy & Religion Head of Philosophy & Religion: 818281
Keith Brown Music Music: 818264
Hazel Browne Modern Languages Modern Languages: 818254
Lorraine Campbell  Geography Geography: 818275
Richard Carpenter  Head of Physics Head of Physics: 818223
Louise Carter Head of Biology Head of Biology: 818244
Sharon Carter  Head of Skills Development Head of Skills Development: 818150
Anna Chaumont  Language Assistant  Language Assistant: 818017
Susan Coomber  Science Science: 818117
Liam Copley Chatham Housemaster, Geography  House: 818246, Geography: 818275
Richard Corthine  Head of Economics Head of Economics: 818426
David Critchley  UCAS UCAS: 818168
Victoria Crook Business Studies Business Studies: 818429
Alicia Davies Biology  Biology: 818306
Mandy Dawson Head of Careers, Geography Head of Careers: 818339, Geography: 818275
Peter Deakin Chandos Housemaster, Geography House: 818194, Geography: 818275
Marie Derrien Language Assistant Language Assistant: 818017
Simon Dobson Modern Languages Modern Languages: 818015
Craig Donoghue Physics Physics: 818216
Carole Dore Drama Drama: 818422
Jayne Duckett  Nugent Housemistress, Sport House: 818199
Thomas Elwell Geography Geography: 818275
Paul Floyd  Politics, Economics Politics & Economics: 818402
Adam Gabriel Head of Computing Head of Computing: 818332, Study: 818239
Nigel Gibbon Head of Brass, Wind & Percussion Head of Brass, Wind & Percussion: 818112
William Goldsmith Head of English Head of English: 818151
Judy Gracie Biology Biology: 818306
Valerie Green Lyttelton Housemistress, Maths House: 818297, Maths: 818287
Paul Griffin Head of History Head of History: 818322
Chris Grimble  Art Art: 818123
Susan Harmon  Stanhope Housemistress, Art House: 818408, Art: 818241 
Brian Hart Physics Physics: 818216
Kathryn Hinds Biology Biology: 818244
Howard Hoare  History History: 818458
Alan Hughes Grenville Housemaster, Head of Rugby House: 818203, Rugby: 818347
Elena Hughes  Skills Development Skills Development: 818124
Andrew Jackson Sports Science Sports Science: 818417
Fiona James  Queen’s Housemistress, Maths  House: 818412, Maths: 818287 
Alejandro Jimenez Jaramillo Maths Harvard Fellow: 818325, Maths: 818287
Panos John  Head of Business Studies Head of Business Studies: 818429
Brian Johnson Art Art: 818241
Julie Johnson West Houseparent, Head of International House: 818415, Head of International (EAL): 818826
Roland Johnson  West Houseparent, Chemistry House: 818415, Chemistry: 818283
Gwilym Jones Modern Languages Modern Languages/Head of DofE: 818357
Tracy Jones Head of French Head of French: 818162
Amanda Jorgensen Head of Art Head of Art: 818241
Philippa Kitchen English English: 818317
Richard Knight Maths Maths: 818287
Toby Le Lacheur Computing, Maths and Physics Physics: 818216
Chris Lloyd Design Design: 818256
Anthony Macpherson Temple Housemaster, Philosophy & Religion House: 818201, Philosophy & Religion: 818281
Steve Malling Physics Physics: 818223
Tony McDaid Maths Maths: 818287
Kirsten McLintock Designated Safeguarding Lead, Head of PSHE & Pupil Welfare Study: 818136
Kim McMahon Chemistry Chemistry: 818283
Nick Mellor Head of ICT Systems Head of ICT Systems: 818138
Isaac Michael Director of Sport/Co-curricular Co-ordinator Study: 818292
Gavin Moffat Grafton Housemaster, Modern Languages House: 818218, Modern Languages: 818254
Mikkel Møller Head of Maths Head of Maths: 818287
Jonathan Murnane Classics Classics: 818212
Sarah Murnane Head of Geography Head of Geography: 818275
Miles Nottage Head of Rock, Pop & Jazz Head of Rock, Pop & Jazz: 818268 
Jack Palmer English English: 818328
Fergus Parnaby English English: 818311
Liliana Peña Modern Languages Modern Languages: 818254
Sophie Penrhyn-Lowe Maths Maths: 818287
James Peppiatt Cobham Housemaster, English House: 818207, English: 818151
Costas Peratopoullos  Design Design: 818256
Desiree Podesta Modern Languages Modern Languages: 818254
George Purves English English: 818225
Martin Quinn Design Design: 818256
Sheilagh Rawlins Skills Development Skills Development: 818324
Emma Rayner Head of Projects Head of Projects (HPQ/EPQ): 818000
Michael Rickner Philosophy and Religion Study: 818108, Philosophy & Religion: 818281
Michael Righton Biology Biology: 818244
Susan Rookley Teaching Assistant: 818121
Andrea Savage Modern Languages Modern Languages: 818254
Jonathan Sayers History History: 818458
Liz Sheard English, Skills Department Skills Development: 818418, English: 818225
Matthew Smith Head of Design Head of Design: 818256
Isabel Soriano-Ferrero Modern Languages Modern Languages: 818034
Charlie Standley History  History: 818458
Collette Stirzaker Acting Head of Spanish  Acting Head of Spanish: 818338
Craig Sutton Bruce Housemaster, Sports Science House & Sports Science: 818284
Sarah Sutton Sports Science Sports Science, Study: 818011
Henry Swayne History History: 818458
Alice Tearle Head of German Head of German: 818254
James Tearle Head of Science Head of Science: 818149
Matthew Teasdale Chemistry Chemistry: 818283
Paul Thompson Physics  Physics: 818216
Rosemary Trace Skills Development Skills Development: 818324
Ana Vidal García  Modern Languages  Language Assistant: 818254
Chris Walters Drama Drama: 818422
Chris Warde Science Science: 818306
Gordon West Economics Economics: 818426
Ben Weston Music Music Technology: 818028
Andrew Wilson Math, Economics, Business Studies Maths/Economics/Business Studies: 818402
Hakan Yadsan  Physics, Maths Physics: 818216, Maths: 818287
Iain Young Head of History of Art Head of History of Art: 818406
Liz Huxley Capurro  Academic Administration and Exams Manager Dept: 818340, Fax: 818181
Lyn Foden Librarian Librarian: 818288
Karen Chapman Librarian Library Assistant: 818288
Christopher Huxtable Chaplain Study: 824077, Vestry Office: 818144
Sue Sampson Assistant Chaplain Study: 818200