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Results and Reports, Week Ending Sunday 3rd March 2013

Monday 25th February


U14 County Cup
YA XI vs. John Hampden (H)
Won 9 - 0

Tuesday 26th February


U14 V vs. DCGS (H)
Won 27 - 20


1st XII vs. Berkhamsted (H)
Won 10 - 9
2nd XII vs. Berkhamsted (H)
Lost 2 - 13


U16 County Cup
CA XI vs. DCGS (H)
Lost 1 – 3
CA XI vs. JHGS (H)
Won 3 – 0
CA XI vs. SWB (H)
Lost 1 – 2
CA XI vs. RGS HW (H)
Lost 0 – 1

Wednesday 27th February


1st XI vs. LGS (A)
Lost 4 - 1
2nd XI vs. LGS (A)
Drew 3 – 3


U15A XII vs. Berkhamsted (A)
Lost 5 - 4
U15B XII vs. Berkhamsted (A)
Lost 7 - 1
U14A XII vs. Berkhamsted (A)
Won 6 - 7
U14B XII vs. Berkhamsted (A)
Won 5 - 6
U14C XII vs. Berkhamsted (A)
Won 6 - 7


YA XV vs. Shrewsbury (H)
Won 52 - 21
YB XV vs. Shrewsbury (H)
Lost 5 - 7

Senior 7’s @ KES Stratford
Stowe won the tournament


Senior A vs. Bloxham (H)
Lost 148 - 174
Senior B vs. Bloxham (H)
Lost 118 - 151


1st VII vs. Akeley Wood (H)
Won 28 - 9
2nd VII vs. Akeley Wood (H)


Aegon Singles
Girls 1st IV vs. Comberton Village College (H)
Won 5 - 1


Seniors vs. RGS (H)
Won 6 – 0
Seniors vs. KES (H)
Lost 2 – 4
Seniors vs. Bradford (H)
Won 6 – 3
Seniors vs. Cheltenham (H)
Won 5 - 2

Thursday 28th February


Juniors vs. Summerfields (H)
Lost 1 - 2

Saturday 2nd March


National Schools Tournament

1st XII vs. Pipers Corner
Won 12 - 0
1st XII vs. Cheltenham Ladies College
Won 3 - 1
1st XII vs. Habs Monmouth
Won 4 - 1
1st XII vs. Wellington
Won 4 - 1
1st XII vs. RGS Worcester
Won 6 - 0
1st XII vs. St Catherines Bramley
Lost 1 - 5
1st XII vs. Malvern
Drew 1 - 1
1st XII vs. Walthamstow Hall
Won 5 - 3
1st XII vs. St Barts
Drew 4 - 4
1st XII vs. Queen Annes
Won 4 - 0
1st XII vs. North London Collegiate
Won 4 - 1
1st XII vs. Haberdashers’
Lost 1 - 2

Day 1:
2nd XII vs. Caterham
Lost 2 - 1
2nd XII vs. Benenden
Lost 3 - 1
2nd XII vs. LEH
Lost 4 - 0
2nd XII vs. St Albans
Drew 1 - 1
2nd XII vs. St Bartholomew’s
Won 3 - 0
2nd XII vs. Malvern St James
Drew 1 - 1

Day 2: Division I
2nd XII vs. Bedford
Won 3 - 2
2nd XII vs. Haberdashers’ Monmoth
Lost 1 - 0
2nd XII vs. Haberdashers’ Aske’s
Drew 2 - 2
2nd XII vs. RGS Worcester
Won 4 - 0
2nd XII vs. St Bartholomew’s
Drew 0 - 0
Semi-Final vs. Berkhamsted
Lost 2 - 0

U15A XII vs. Oakham (H)
Won 17 - 3


1st XI vs. St. Edward’s (H)
Lost 2 - 5
2nd XI vs. St. Edward’s (H)
Won 3 - 0
3rd XI vs. St. Edward’s (H)
Lost 1 - 3
U16A XI vs. St. Edward’s (H)
Drew 0 - 0
U16B XI vs. St. Edward’s (A)
Lost 3 - 1
U15A XI vs. St. Edward’s (A)
Won 0 - 5
U15B XI vs. St. Edward’s (A)
Won 0 - 2
U15C XI vs. St. Edward’s (A)
Lost 3 – 0


YA XV vs. Uppingham (H)
Won 36 - 19
YB XV vs. Uppingham (H)
Won 19 - 5
YC XV vs. Uppingham (H)
Won 46 - 0
YD XV vs. Uppingham (H)
Won 52 - 0


1st XI vs. Welbeck (A)
Drew 3 - 3
2nd XI vs. Welbeck (A)
Lost 2 – 0


U19 vs. Pangbourne (A)
Won 29 - 52
U16 vs. Pangbourne (A)

Sunday 3rd March


Senior A vs. Shrewsbury (A)
Won 14 - 10
Senior B vs. Shrewsbury (A)
Won 8 - 4
Senior C vs. Shrewsbury (A)
Won 9 - 0


Senior 7’s @ Windsor
1st VII vs. Brighton college (A)
Won 5 – 24
1st VII vs. Radley (A)
Lost 12 – 10
1st VII vs. St Edward’s (A)
Won 12 – 31
1st VII vs. Hampton (A)
Won 12 – 36
1st VII vs. Windsor (A)
Won 12 – 31
1st VII vs. Henley (A)
Lost 21 – 17


Senior A vs. Bedford (H)
Won 14 - 3

Tuesday, 26th February

1st XII vs. Berkhamsted (H) Won 10 – 9

We were keen to play today and appreciate exactly where we are in the lacrosse rankings. With a very young team there were no expectations, but we have been playing well and there is a strong feeling of a team rather than individual evolving.

We started well with a strong drive down the centre from Lucy Horan and a missed chance although the shot was rescued from behind goal and we created another attempt before Berkhamsted raced upfield to go one up! An underarm shot from Tilly Upton allowed us to draw level and then a well worked play gave us a feed from behind by Megan to Lucy and we were 2-1 up! Megan then scored from a drive around the crease and Berkhamsted were suddenly 1-3 down. Their passing through midfield was better than ours and we were making some dangerous defensive errors but Priscilla kept us in the game and when they scored again we replied from another play giving Octavia her first goal of the game (assist again by Megan). At 4-2 we looked in control and their attack became static and seemed to run out of ideas. A strong drive from Lucy who pulled Megan’s defence to allow an accurate pass off to Megan for a top corner shot with the GK beaten. We allowed them to pull back another goal and went in at half time 5-3 up.

The second half caused us problems – we had lost Mara early on as she couldn’t see in the dark!! Lucy suffered an injury and we felt it necessary to take her off. Charlotte Berrill had gone to her interview and so we were down to 12 players with no subs! Berkhamsted made the most of this and scored 4 consecutive goals putting them 7-5 ahead. In steps Charlotte Lechmere who has struggled to find the back of the net all season – she pounced on every loose ball and scored a superb goal to pull it back to 7-6. They scored again and I thought our heads might go down – but Megan took another chance well, followed by Octavia and then it was 8-8. We still had 5 minutes left! They scored (9-8) but a great feed from Megan presented an open net to Tilly for her second goal of the game (9-9). Up steps Charlie again – winning the ball back and taking a shot……………10-9 Stowe. Berkhamsted scored once more but the whistle had gone for time and Stowe were victorious 10-9.

Goals: Megan 3, Charlie 2, Tilly 2, Octavia 2 , Lucy 1
Assists: Lucy 1, Megan 2,
Player of Match – Charlie and Megan

2nd XII vs. Berkhamsted (H) Lost 2 - 13

The 2nd team played a rough match against Berkhamsted on Tuesday afternoon. Berkhamsted dominated the match from the first whistle. Midfielders Maddie Wackett and Lettice Carter were each able to score a goal. Goalkeeper Immy O’Brien had some great saves, while Berkhamsted just kept getting scoring opportunities.

Goal Scorers: Maddie Wackett, Lettice Carte

Lacrosse U15A vs. Berkhamsted (A) Lost 5 - 4

On Wednesday afternoon, the U15A team played a very close and aggressive match against Berkhamsted. The entire match was played at very high intensity, making the girls work relentlessly. Stowe were winning 3-2 at halftime; Anna Fox and Philly Stacey had both scored a goal by taking their player on 1v1. Cameron Nix scored a goal off a great pass from Millie Bromley-0 Davenport directly in the middle of the 11-metre. The defence were continually intercepting Berkhamsted’s passes and taking advantage of Berkhamsted’s mistakes by scooping up almost every groundball. Goalie Izzy Oliver had a few great saves and clears. In the second half, Berkhamsted came out with a slightly stronger push towards the goal. Although the defence was still playing with intensity, Berkhamsted took advantage whenever they could find the unmarked player. The match ended with a final score of 5-4, with Berkhamsted narrowly taking the win.

Goal Scorers: Philly Stacey x 2, Anna Fox x 1, Cameron Nix x 1.
MOM: Millie Bromley-Davenport

Wednesday, 27th February


1st VII vs. Akeley Wood (H) Won 28 – 9

The girls took to the court on this beautiful sunny Wednesday afternoon determined to win. They had worked hard in training on specific techniques to ensure fluid play. Initially scoring was even but then Stowe started to pull ahead finishing the 1st quarter 9-3 up. This set the tone for the rest of the match. Both attack and defense worked well together improving consistently throughout the game. The passing down court was strong and accurate with many turnovers. Cutting in front of the opposition to receive the pass was well executed meaning that we rarely lost possession. The 3rd quarter was when we really sealed our win romping to a 22-8 lead. This was an excellent performance and gave our new coach Karen a great platform from which to work.


On Wednesday (27th February), our Clay Pigeon shooters hosted Bloxham up on the Bursar's Field. Bloxham are not national champions for nothing, and they proceeded to beat us, the A's going down 148-174 and the B's losing 118-151. However, there were some bright spots. Captain Henry Plant was top gun with 34 and Rory Smith from the third form showed future promise with 25.


2nd XI vs. LGS (A) Drew 3 - 3

Scorers - Harris, 2 (1 pen), Wild

Stowe managed to grab a dramatic late draw after a pulsating tie away to LGS. The game was played at a frantic pace from kick off, with LGS and Stowe creating chances in the opening 10 minutes. It was Stowe who opened the scoring with Harris capitalising on an LGS defensive mistake to calmly round the goalkeeper and slot home. Stowe then dominated possession creating a number of half-chances which they were unable to convert. With 7 minutes of the first half remaining Stowe looked in control of the game, but an impressive LGS counter attack brought an equaliser and minutes later LGS added a second. The second half was a much scrappier affair with Chadd making some impressive saves in the Stowe goal. Wild moved from Midfield to attack in the second half. His movement caused problems for LGS and he was tripped in the area when clean through on the LGS keeper, giving Stowe a penalty. Harris calmly converted the penalty for his second of the game, but Stowe frustratingly conceded a goal within 2 minutes of the restart. The final 20 minutes were played at a frantic pace with both sides wasting some good opportunities. With Stowe seemingly heading for defeat, and the game in 'Fergie-time', Stowe's final attack saw the ball drop to Wild at an awkward height and angle at the edge of the area, and he somehow managed to strike the ball into the goalkeepers bottom left corner to equalise for the second time. Given the circumstances, Stowe can feel relieved to have drawn the game but showed impressive character to draw level so late in proceedings.


U15B XII vs. Berkhampstead (A) Lost 7 - 1

We controlled possession and had the most opportunities in the first half of the game, but we didn't make the most of these opportunities and panicked under pressure losing possession of the ball in attack. In the second half of the game, sadly, we just never caught back up.

Jess played well and controlled possession of the ball from the centre draw in the last 3 draws in the second half. Unfortunately, the team never really gelled and we didn't focus on the small details - missing ground balls, throwing blind passes under pressure and giving away possession of the ball for being off side etc - for our next match this Saturday the team need to look, support each other with width and depth on the field when we have the ball in our possession and to clearly call and communicate not just in defence but all over the field.

Jemima F and Saskia played well in the midfield defence. Both caused good turn overs and Jemima played a crucial role carrying the ball through the midfield well into attack; once in attack we really rushed things and as a result lost possession.

On a positive note our goal in the second half, scored by Tilly and assisted by Issy Muirhead, was a good display of what we really can do if we pass effectively and show patience. Issy Muirhead played well in attack but just needed more support and Tonia Kozhukhova and Jemima Cheauveau played well in straight defence around the goal supporting Mia.

I am looking forward to seeing an improved performance on Saturday, we played against a strong experienced team but could have played better.

U14B XII vs. Berkhamsted (A) Won 5 - 6

The U14B team played a challenging match against Berkhamsted this afternoon and proved how far they had come in their lacrosse journey since January. There was no disputing the fact that the Berkhamsted girls had slightly sharper skills, but in terms of determination and a desire to win – we matched them in every area of the field.

Jessica Aimies in the centre, Carmen T-Perea, Emily Barring and Imogen White in midfield worked incredibly hard to win back possession and take the ball in to attack. Lucy Shamash and Alice Hawke put in repeated tackles and Laurine made clinical saves that kept us in the game.

However the games was won with some powerful shooting by Izzy Upton (she scored 4 of our 6 goals) and was deserving of the player of the match accolade. The first half ended at 3-3 but we pulled away in the 2nd half with goals from Carmen (a solo run) and Ivy Freeman-Attwood to give us a final score of 6-5 in favour of Stowe.

Well done girls – a tremendous victory!

Girls 1st IV vs. Comberton Village College (H) Won 5 - 1

In the latest match of the Aegon Senior School Tennis Tournament, the girls put in another outstanding performance to secure their place in the National Finals on 15 & 16 of March. The top 8 schools in the country all merge at Bolton Arena for the finals weekend. Congratulations to Megan Duckett (captain) Charlotte Berrill, Sofia Purgina and Marty Fidanova for winning the school through to the finals on only our second attempt.


Boys Fives vs. Summerfields (H) Lost 1 - 2

A very competitive and enjoyable afternoon of Fives against Summerfields.

Stowe second pair, Charlie Cook and Sam Montgomery won all three of their games having been behind in the first game. Third pair William Younger and George Adams had three very close games but could not close it out at the vital moment and first pair, Harry Norris and James Greenley played some magnificent Fives showing a good variation of both power and finesse, however Sunnerfield's first pair had the upper hand.

Saturday, 2nd March


1st XII at National Tournament

We took to the fields on Friday with the 1st team knowing that we had a hard task ahead of us. The first game was against Pipers and we knew that we had to score fast so as to notch up a high tally of goals. We did just that – 12-0 was the score with 4 goals apiece from Lucy and Megan. The next game was tough (Cheltenham Ladies College) as we had already lost to them in a full length game this season, but we made a few changes so as to cope with their England centre and it worked! Charlie had a great game and Aleksia scored her first goal of the day. We then went on to beat Habs Monmouth 4-1, Wellington 4-1 and RGS Worcester 6-0. We were now tying in first place with St Cats to play. However the last game didn’t go well and we lost to St Cats 5-1, unable to cope with the midfield pressure and sharp shooting. This put us 2nd in our box – as 2nd seeds we had done everything that was expected of us – but were very unlucky not to go through to the championship Division on goal average.

However the next day started well – there were 2 boxes and all the big guns were in our box! We drew with Malvern (although a goal by Charlotte was wrongly disallowed and this would have given us the win); beat Walthamstow Hall 5-3 and were outstanding in our victory over Queen Annes by 4-0. We drew a game against St Barts 4-4 having been 3-1 up at half time and then went on to beat North London Collegiate School 4-1. Last game of the day was against Habs – we were in top slot and needed a win to top our group. Unfortunately they scored 2 quick goals and we were always under pressure. We did score to pull it back to 2-1 but missed too many chances on the day. The stark reality of what this meant left us upset – we went from top slot to third and therefore weren’t going to go through to the semis.

This is a very young team and they should be proud of their efforts – 13 of them will still be at Stowe next year and they are determined to put Stowe back in the hunt for medals. Praise must be given to our 2 young players – Aleksia Zivanovic (4th yr) and Octavia Cavill (3rd form) – they played every second of every game and contributed in all areas of the field. Between them they scored 11 goals and Aleksia scored 7 of them on day 1. They are names for the future.

Other notable performances came from Lucy and Megan ( 31 goals between them) and Priscilla Powell in goal who saved us time and time again – Charlie’s non stop running in midfield and Charlotte’s contribution in attack.

Megan 17 (Assists – 5)
Lucy 14 (assists – 4)
Aleksia 8 (assists 3)
Charlotte 4 (assists 4)
Octavia 3 (assists 2)
Charlie 2 (assists 2)

2nd XII at National Schools Tournament

On the first day of Nationals, Stowe’s 2nd team did not play up to their potential although they did recognize some simple adjustments they could make. Over the course of the day, they started marking tighter on cutters in the midfield and the 11-metre and stopped forcing the ball into the 11-metreim on their attacking end of the pitch. After a long day on Friday, Stowe was placed in Division I for Saturday. On Saturday, they were more successful, and they seemed to be playing with a more competitive attitude. Goalie Immy O’Brien had several saves to help Stowe through some tough matches, and she made several clears that led to great transitions for Stowe. The hardest work for the duration of the weekend was done by midfielders Maddie Wackett, Ellie Clark, Tilda Bevan, Bella Kelly, Lettice Carter, and Lizzie Gilson. These girls worked relentlessly to win the ball back if we lost possession and to push the ball forward into our attacking end. Maddie Wackett took almost all of the draws for Stowe and was quite successful in controlling where it went and coming up with the ball if it was near her. Izzy Boorman and Annabel Rushton were two key players in helping to settle the ball on attack and work together as a team to find opportunities to score. On the defensive end of the pitch, Tilly Salvin and Lottie Hodson were consistently there to make slides and prevent the opposition from getting good shots on goal. Tilda Bevan was the leading scorer for the weekend with six goals, followed by Maddie Wackett with four.

After the regular tournament play, the team was in position to play in the semi-final match. After much anticipation as to who the opposing team would be, just ten minutes before the match they found out it would be Berkhamsted, a team they had suffered a rough 13-2 loss to in a regular match earlier in the week. In this semi-final match, the girls came out ready to fight. Until there was just a minute left in the first half, the match was scoreless. Unfortunately, Berkhamsted scored before halftime. In the second half, they scored again, and Stowe couldn’t seem to get a shot on goal. Stowe lost 2-0 in the semi-finals, however, this was much better than their match against Berkhamsted earlier in the week. This showed just how much the girls accomplished over the weekend. Berkhamsted went on to win the division.

Goal Scorers: Tilda Bevan x 6, Maddie Wackett x 4, Lettice Carter x 3, Lizzie Gilson x 1, Izzy Boorman x 1, Tash Edwards x 1

Day 1:
Vs Caterham Lost 2-1
Vs Benenden Lost 3-1
Vs LEH Lost 4-0
Vs St Albans Drew 1-1
Vs St Bartholomew’s Won 3-0
Vs Malvern St James Drew 1-1

Day 2: Division I
Vs Bedford Won 3-2
Vs Haberdashers’ Monmoth Lost 1-0
Vs Haberdashers’ Aske’s Drew 2-2
Vs RGS Worcester Won 4-0
Vs St Bartholomew’s Drew 0-0
Semi-Final vs Berkhamsted Lost 2-0

U15A XII vs. Oakham (H) Won 17 - 3

In preparation for the National Lacrosse Tournament on Tuesday we played with 2 Time outs in each half of the game, in an attempt to replicate the 7 minute game times that the U15's will be playing in at the tournament on Tuesday.

The girls played a hard and fast game. We controlled possession throughout the game and played a fast and aggressive game offensively - reacting well to ground balls and turnovers. Milly Bromley - Davenport played well in the centre - controlling the ball from the draw and driving hard to goal creating lots of opportunities in attack. Anna Fox played well in attack with controlled determination giving 2 good assists and 3 well thought out goals driving from behind the goal. Cameron was unstoppable in attack making the most of every opportunity to either feed or score. Just to mention 3 of the 7 goal scorers!

When the ball did get into our defending end there was a 'wall in defence' led by Polly and cleared out well by the midfield defenders KJ, Caprice, Jemima…

We need to show more consistent control when we check (at both ends of the field) and need to focus on the small details - picking up every ground ball cleanly - focussing on passing cleanly to players that are free… Having said that the girls played well together as a team and this was a good preparation for Tuesday. Good Luck - have fun & play well!

Score 1st 7: Stowe 5 - 1
Score 2nd 7: Stowe 2 - 1
Score 3rd 7: 0 - 0
Score 4th : Stowe 4 - 0
Score 5th: Stowe 4 - 1
Score 6th: Stowe 2 - 0

Final score: 17 - 3

Goal scorers: Cameron 5, Millie Bromley - Davenport 2, Milla Harvey-Scholes 2, Anna Fox 3, Philly Stacey 3, Caprice Critchley 1, Number 5: 1 goal (sorry I don't know her name!)
Assists: Cameron 2, Milla 1, Anna 2,

Players of the match: Cameron and Anna Fox


1st XI vs. St Edwards (H) Lost 2 - 5

Stowe started poorly and conceded within the first two minutes of the game. However the team started to put some passes together and Todd set up Paine for the first goal. 3 short corners went begging as the Gk made 2 good blocks. Stowe then conceded after failing to clear a rebound and then gave away a poor corner which the opposition scored from to go 3-1 up at half time.

Stowe started the second camped in the opposition half but were unable to convert as again the Gk made a couple of saves. Stowe then conceded a weak short corner goal against the run of play. More chances went begging until Kit Dixon Smith scored but it was all to late. Teddies scored in the last play if the game as Stowe were caught short at the back to deliver the final killer blow.

The score line does not quite reflect the result but a few poor goals which could have been prevented didn’t help the team. The boys gave their all second half but could not score.

MoM: Drew Todd
GS: Nick Paine, K Dixon Smith

2nd XI vs. St Edwards (H) Won 3 - 0

The boys took to the field for their biggest match of the season against Teddies at the weekend. The warm up was the best of the season and combined with the glorious sunshine it looked to be a good day for Stowe. Captain Chaplin naturally won the 'toss' and chose to play away from the sun. The rivalry between the two schools was clear from the start with both sides looking to out muscle the other ,however it was Stowe who were the more disciplined and this led to some great link up play between Parker and Chaplin, both sharing the Centre Midfield role. The game continued in this fashion with Stowe rarely looking to concede mainly due to the outstanding prowess of Henriques and Dann at the back, working hard to win ball and quick to distribute. The deadlock was broken by returning super star Duckett who assisted by Jones deftly rounded the keeper to put the ball into an open net. 1-0 Stowe. The rest of the half was a mixture of quick counter attacking hockey from Stowe and slow build up play from Teddies. It was clear that one tactic was working and the other was not. The boys flooded the centre of the pitch and didn't allow Teddies to build the play they so desperately wanted to. This then allowed us to win the ball and pass out wide where the space had opened up, then using the rapid pace of Kilgour, Jones and well Cockbill Stowe were able to get behind the Teddies defence and caused them real problems. The first half ended 1-0 but with Stowe looking to be in control.

A quick half time talk strengthened the belief that Stowe could go on to win this game and they were already in position to play long before Teddies were.

The second half began just like the first with Stowe dominating possession, but still unable to score. The game continued to be a feisty one and the intensity increased. Parker getting a little too into the game had to be taken off for a 'cool off' period before being unleashed again, by far out hardest working player. Stow's second goal began from a free hit well within Stowe's half. Plant played a lovely waited pass through to Newman who beat one player and released to Cockbill. Cockbill's elaborate skills took him past two finishing in a through the legs pass to Duckett who was never going to miss. He fired home his second to make the score 2-0 with 15 minutes to play. After the second goal went in Stowe looked comfortable while the wind was knocked from Teddies sales. The rest of the game saw plenty of bench rotations to try people in different places however it was Wheeler who has scored in every game this season and who grows in confidence with every game who scored Stowe's third. A potential for goal of the season he fired the ball over the keeper and somehow making it dip just below the cross bar to sink neatly in the net. Naturally the celebrations that followed took several minutes to subside before play could continue.

A fantastic team performance with everyone pulling their own weight. A well earned week off for House Matches will leave us with just two games remaining. Special mention must got to 3rd team Man of the Match Harry Reese who stayed on after his match to bolster numbers and cover any injuries.

GS- Duckett 2, Wheeler
MOM- Dann

3rd XI vs. St. Edward’s (H) Lost 1 – 3

The 3rd XI did everything but win. Deservedly 1-up at the break thanks to a Rothschild cracker but briefly went to sleep conceding 2 soft goals only to storm back and hit everything but the target, one of those games where the radar was awry. Whilst pressing for the equaliser conceded a late goal and went down 1-3 when a win ought to have been a certainty. Very frustrating for all concerned given the application and endeavour.

CA XI vs. St Edward’s (A) Drew 0 – 0

A gritted teeth, never-say-die, body-on-the-line, backs-to-the-wall, away-from-home triumph for the mighty men of the Colts A!

After a disjointed and interrupted season so far (snow/geography controlled assessment etc.) this was a very satisfying result. Having played well only in patches throughout the game, an intense last 15 mins was the main feature of the match, the Teddy's short corner count nearing 15 by the end of the game. Try as they might (and frankly with about 70% of the possession probably) they couldn't get the ball in the goal. Goalkeeper Ed Gorst had a blinder; Angus Tyrrell and Best Wangmontri also superb.

CB XI vs. St. Edward's (H) Lost 1 - 3

A brave match with more running than required and not quite enough distribution against a team who having been 1-0 down fairly early on made good use of their opportunities to leave us 2-1 down at half-time.

Our attempts to break through in the second half were thwarted time and time again by very determined defenders. Tough, yet enjoyable hockey - with sunshine!

MOM: Oscar Marment

JCA XI vs. St Edward's (A) Won 0 - 5

This turned out to be Stowe's best performance of the season so far. Some excellent passing by the midfield and surging runs by the strikers caused havoc with the opposition all day. Alex Diaconu continued his excellent scoring form and found himself in the right position to score on more than one occasion. Sam Riley, Oli Woodward, Freddie Paling and Jamie Grayson all had good games. When called into action, goalkeeper Caio was solid and ensured Stowe kept a clean sheet.

GS: Diaconu 3, Smith 1, Coupland 1
MOM - Diaconu

JCB XI vs. St Edward’s (A) Won 0 – 2

The JCB’s recorded their first win of the season against St Edward’s on Saturday. It was not a fluid performance, but they got the job done. Ben Barrett controlled the centre of the pitch and distributed well (he also scored a very good individual goal, beating several players and then reverse sticking the ball into the bottom corner). Oscar Williams and Freddie Phillips both played well in the second half and Isaac Ajala made several important saves in goal.

GS: Tilleard, Barrett
MoM: Barrett

JCC XI vs. St Edward's (A) Lost 3 – 0

The boys started off well, with majority of possession in the first half. There were a few shots on goal but, alas, no goal. By half time the score was 1-0. St Edward's then proceeded to step up the pace and the Stowe boys struggled to overcome the other referee's decisions. Further, with limited spare capacity, due to a last minute injury of Theo Lewis, we were unable to bring on a sub as fitness waned. As such, two more goals were conceded.

MOM: Ben Alderson for working extremely hard down the LHS.


YA XV vs. Uppingham (H) Won 36 - 19

Uppingham started very well and scored a good try after 10 mins to set out their stall. Stowe were finding it difficult to prevent a rampant back line bought in from various Academies pulling them apart. It was for the first time this season that the Stowe forwards took control of the game. Ben Solomon’s who threw in superbly all afternoon hit Adebambo Adebeyo with regularity and from these well executed line-outs Stowe drove 30 meters up field from which Archie Dixon Smith broke free to be hauled down only yards from the try line but with Tosin Segun in support he scored the first of his now customary 4 tries. This was the haul mark of the day and Stowe matched their bigger opponents with aggression and hit ruck after ruck to secure good possession for the backs. Half time saw Stowe in front 19-12 after some poor defence had allowed Uppingham to get back in the game. A crunching tackle from Segun meant the Uppingham influential fly half had to be carried off and this gave Stowe an advantage in the second half.

Immediately after half time Segun got his second and secured the win. Further scores followed from both sides to leave the score 36-19 to Stowe. A very competitive game and a credit to both sides for some very good football for boys of this age.

YC XV vs. Uppingham (H) Won 46 – 0

A big win by our Yearlings C Rugby Team beating Uppingham 46 -0 here at Stowe.

We dominated right from the start, 3 tries in 6 minutes. Only by making lots of substitutes did we manage to keep the score down. All of the team played very well and kept the pressure on Uppingham, which stopped them from achieving any points.

Our tries were by; Jack Dickerson, Jamie Lowis, Jack Staveley, Timothy Guan, Ned Hiley - 2, Kurt Leimer - 2. Conversions; Miles Bell - 2 and Kurt Leimer.

This was a very fine result as it is no too long ago that I can remember us being on the other end of this score line. Well done all.

MOM: Miles Bell.


U18 vs. Pangbourne (A) Won 29 - 52

Stowe started the game with a good tempo and captain Sadiq Abbagana was unstoppable, bagging most of his 18 points for the match in the first half. The 2:3 zone forced Pangbourne to shoot from range and starved their tall dunking centre of any inside ball. Harry Allhusen dominated the boards at both ends picking up 16 points for the match.

In the second half Stowe switched to a full-court man-to-man press. Khalil Ali hit some sweet 10-foot jumpers to finish on 9 points and Oli Song came off the bench to hit the only 3-pointer of the match. In the last quarter the team lost its fluidity as it tried to develop more of a passing motion game - something to work on in the coming practices. This was a really clinical performance from a talented side. Other scorers were Seun Coker (4), Hamish Huxtable (2).

MoM: Sadiq Abbagana


1st XI vs. Loughborough Grammar (A) Drew 3 – 3

Clear skies and bright sunshine were the order of the day for Stowe as they arrived at the Welbeck ground in fine fettle. Stowe continued with their recent form of immediate pressure which paid dividends with an early goal. However, Welbeck battled hard scoring 3 goals leading into the final 10 minutes when Stowe gathered themselves well and rescued a draw.

The game kicked off and Stowe attacked from all angles. Josh Dickinson ran the line like an Olympic sprinter and pushed Welbeck back into conceding a corner. Leather well struck and well met with the Head of Folabi Lawal for a nice try but no cigar. One minute later Dickinson produced another fine cross that seemed to halt time as the crowd sensed something special was about to take place. Folabi Lawal again exploded from the ground, hovered and met the cross perfectly to give Stowe the lead, 1 nil.

Welbeck reacted well, gathered momentum, shot low and hard which called for a fine save from Jonny, the cat, Constant at 7minutes.Welbeck kept the pressure on and attacked Stowe forcing Hugo Kinahan to time a fine tackle in the box giving Welbeck a corner which they could not take advantage of.

The next 10 minutes were battled out in the epicentre with both sides taking punches as if in the rematch of the ‘rumble in the jungle’. Will McGovern whose support and enthusiasm on and off the pitch continued to tug the opposition into uncomfortable areas. A ferocious shot from Folabi Lawal on 19minutes missed by a whisker to the right of Welbecks post. Welbeck countered and brought Ed Bensted into the plot who produced a fine clearance with his head leading to Stowe’s attack and a fine volley from Ollie Findlay who continued throughout the match to cause havoc and mayhem for Welbeck. Play was reversed causing Will Watson to make a fine clearance, but Welbeck persisted forcing a corner and scored to bring the sides level.

Amana Atwodi came on bringing magical feet to the front line and sure enough within a minute was close to scoring. Welbeck then returned the favour shot and missed bringing the first half to a close 1 goal a piece.

In 2nd half Stowe had an immediate impact with a shot from Josh Dickinson and a header from Antonio Munoz Ballester sadly just wide. Antonio continued to blister the opposition in attempts to befuddle and beguile their defence resulting in a first class through ball setting up Dickinson for a shot which whipped by the post. Another corner and Antonio coolly and calmly collected the ball, quickly whipped up a cocktail of beauty and skill last seen in Brazil as he had another near miss.

The attack quickly tuned in Welbeck’s favour with free kicks cleared by Bensted, shots hitting posts and headers glancing by. Bensted calmly switched to the left allowing Dickinson to set up Lawal and Antonio for a shot each. This was a good attacking period with Atwodi also in the line having a shot blocked.

Ben Copping strong as granite and Watson rose righteously once again for a sold clearance to an unfortunate Welbeck face. Spilled claret brought continued pressure from Welbeck causing Stowe to fault and penalty was awarded and scored. This was followed by another quickly giving Welbeck a 3-1 lead.

However, Stowe are not known for dropping their heads and regrouped immediately with a plan. Ball laid out to Dickinson who darted down the wing, ducked inside and crossed. Charlie Sargent skilfully surged and sliced his way through the oppositions defence scoring magnificently (3-2)
The last 5 minutes were frantic as Stowe continued to push for a final assault. Hugo Kinahan joined the ranks and through this was rewarded with a marvellous goal deep into injury time to bring the final score to a fabulous 3-3 with smiles all round.

Kinahan was solid and skilful however, man of the match goes to Josh Dickinson for work rate, commitment and skill throughout the game. Stowe should be proud of this result showing that they will never give up and will draw strength from this result leading into the last half of the season.

GS: Lawal, Sargent, Kinahan
MOM : Josh Dickinson

Bradfield College Invitation Netball Tournament

1st VII achieved 3rd place

The 1st VII were looking forward to this invitation tournament to put into practise the new strategies, tactics and skills we have been focusing on since the Regionals. The first match in our group was against Bradfield and, without Ellie Pinnock our WA, we were slightly anxious having lost to this team earlier this season. We didn't quite find our form and were defeated 8-1. However, we made some positional changes moving Claudia Bett into centre and Becca Dale to WA with Lucie Wellington at WD which helped us to settle into the 2nd match against Reeds. Lucy-May Wallis and Ruby Mills, who worked tirelessly throughout the afternoon, were fantastic in defence and Alice Hughes and Heloise Kleinwort relaxed more confidently into their shooting to win this game 8-3. We then needed to beat St Mary's if we were to have a chance of progressing to the semi-finals. This was an extremely exciting match to watch, (if not nerve racking!), and the whole team's performance was superb to come back from 2 down at half time to win 10-9! The final game in our group was against Pangbourne College where we held our form to win 9-2. We therefore came 2nd in our group and next faced Epson College in the semi-final. Epson were able to gain an early lead and were 7-2 ahead at half time. Lizzie Highwood and India Cornish played well in the 2nd half but Epson remained dominant and we lost 4-12. However, with our centre and goal defence rested, we played Wellington College in a 3rd/4th play off. We had a brilliant game to finish displaying a very high level of Netball defeating Wellington 12-5. We were therefore placed 3rd overall and are extremely proud of the team's impressive achievement- very well done! Bradfield College went on to defeat Epson College in the final.

Sunday, 3rd March


Seniors vs. Bedford (A) Won 14 - 3

This was a good win for Stowe. We were able to put some of our less experienced players in for longer periods. Good thing is that we have strength in depth. Barth Rougier got a full game in goals with the absent Charlie Mason to 7's rugby. Lex Lazeraff was able to have a good game with Will also at the 7's. This was an easier encounter against Bedford, after a hard week of Water Polo with the school advancing to the finals in 2 weeks time.


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