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Academic Curriculum

Pupils are encouraged to make the most of their academic abilities. Through discussion and guidance from their Tutors, they are set targets and given a clear understanding of our expectations. Progress is closely monitored and reported back to both Stoics and parents, through the reporting system and weekly one-to-one Tutor sessions.

Academic work is monitored on a whole School basis at least twice per term through our programme of Academic Progress Grades (APGs).
Each pupil is awarded an attainment grade by all their subject teachers (A – E scale) which is based on one or more formal summative assessments marked according to examination board assessment criteria. In addition pupils are graded according to their overall quality of work (1 – 4 scale) as well as for their work ethic and engagement (also a 1 – 4 scale). The grades are sent to parents by email together with a brief report from the Tutor. Our system provides a vital opportunity for a Tutor to talk about work with the pupils. It also allows staff to compare notes and to work out together how best to help any individual who may be experiencing difficulties.

All pupils are given an academic planner and calendar, to be kept with them throughout the academic day. Primarily the planners are for recording all prep at the time it is given. Pupils are asked to note down the due date for each of their preps and to cross off each assignment once it has been completed. Tutors check planners regularly and support and encourage their tutees in the organisation of their private study and in meeting all academic deadlines. In addition, the planner is a useful means of communication between a Teacher and a Tutor to make sure that any concerns, or indeed positive feedback, are passed on quickly.
Deputy Headmaster: Mr Crispin Robinson
Senior Tutor: Mrs Sally Akam

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